Blood, Sweat & Heels - No room for sympathy?

Last night on “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” everything was peaceful at Brie’s parents’ house in the Hamptons until Mica showed up all liquored up ready to celebrate Memorial Day and forget all of her problems. All it took to set her off was the mention of how late she was. Brie was concerned that with the alcohol in her system and the issues with her father on her mind, she wouldn’t know what else would set her off. Brie was frustrated because her parents had house guests over and wanted Mica to tone it all the way down.


In all honesty, no one—well, besides Greg, who always seems calm, cool and collected—wanted Mica to come at all so the energy they directed toward Mica was quietly negative from the time she walked in the gate. However, Mica didn’t exactly make it easy to welcome her.


When things escalated too much, Greg took a minute to calm Mica down and gave her the open ear that she needed. Even though he tried to let her know that no one was against her, she felt that everyone was, including Brie. It turned into a screaming match with everyone against Mica when they tried to tell her about her erratic behavior. What everyone one there didn’t know until she decided to say something was that her father had already passed away. Mica was dealing with more than they thought. Geneva and Demetria still saw that as no excuse for the way she acted.


Daisy and Melyssa stayed in New York for a party she was hosting. It looked like she was a bit conflicted about leaving her old days behind when her new days weren’t making money fast enough. When it came time to the part of the event where she had to take pictures with everyone she knew that she was selling herself to be the person everyone wants her to be.


While she was taking the photos Daisy had a short conversation with someone praising the new turn Melyssa had taken and shed light on the well-spoken Melyssa Ford that no one knew existed. It’s good to see that she has friends in her corner supporting her on the new directions she has taken with her life. However, I hope Melyssa knows that she’s going to have to choose between being a real estate agent and dabbling in her video vixen life.


After the party Melyssa hosted, she met with her mentor Dr. Dyson because she was feeling a little unhappy with herself. She was tired of being seen as the video-vixen men have posters of on their walls. She wanted to have a life that was achieved by putting in the hard work. It was time for her to make a decision and stick to it.


The next day Mica spoke to Terry about what went down and she wasn’t happy with any of the ladies. On the flip side, none of the other ladies were feeling her either. Even Brie was reconsidering the friendship they had.


Later on the Three Stooges (Mica, Daisy and Melyssa) got together and Mica updated them on what happened in the Hamptons. Daisy was disappointed in Brie for not being as much of a friend as she should have been to Mica that day. What happened next was straight out of the page of a group of junior high school girls. They all agreed that Daisy should give Brie a call on speaker phone and find out what happened that day … while Mica and Melyssa hushed in the background. What’s going on here?


After the Memorial Day fall out there was a clear separation of the group with Mica, Daisy and Melyssa on one side and Geneva, Brie and Demetria on the other.