Real Housewives of Atlanta - Time to clear the air

Last night on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” after the brawlers left Nene’s event Kandi confronted Natalie and Cynthia about calling Todd an “opportunist”. During the confrontation Peter got a little too hyped up, which lead to more hands swinging once Cynthia stepped too far into Kandi’s personal space—while Nene walked around acting like she didn’t create the environment for the violence. I could be wrong, but they seem a bit too grown to be carrying on that way. Maybe it’s just me.


After Kandi woke up the next day, she realized that she acted ridiculously by flying off the handle like that and decided to apologize for all the death threats she threw at Cynthia. Kandi went all the way off in that hotel room.


Kenya’s friend Brandon—who took the hardest hits that night—showed up at her house with blackened eyes and a cracked rib. He was on the fence about pressing charges on Apollo, however, he considered that he and Phaedra had two young kids and decided against it. I comment Brandon for that, because most people would be ready to press the button on those charges.


Phaedra wasn’t happy about the way Apollo went off that night and neither was she too into his explanation of why things got out of hand, but he did apologize to her for it.


Nothing was going to stop Kandi’s show. There were 7 weeks to go before the opening night for “A Mother’s Love”. She had a casting call and more people than she expected came out to audition. You would think that with so many people there to try out that she would find a good amount of talent, but it didn’t quite turn out that way … at all. Meanwhile, Porsha prepped for her shot at landing a role in the production. Let’s hope that she has a bit more talent than what Kandi saw.


A few days after the disaster at Nene’s couples party, Kandi invited all the girls for massages to clear the air. After the massages Kandi kicked off the apologies, but not as many as she was expecting followed hers because Kenya refused to take the blame for the brunt of it all.


Nene was still upset that no one—specifically Kenya—called her to apologize for what happened at the hotel that night. Kenya was still sticking to the fact that Christopher put his hands on her first, which he did, but no one saw it so no one believed what she was saying. They should have left Nene home because she obviously doesn’t know how to have a conversation without getting loud. She cared less that they were in the middle of a spa.


Nene is too messy. They needed to be asking her what she expected to happen after bringing up those personal questions when there was so much tension between everyone.