SWV Reunited - A change of heart

Last night on “SWV Reunited,” Coko ignored the ultimatum she got from the ladies to choose between her solo gospel career and SWV. Instead she was still looking for their support on her doing gospel. Even Corey didn’t see how it was possible for the group to comeback the way they wanted when Coko wouldn’t be completely focused on SWV. Coko may have been in denial. She was still going to do what she wanted to either way.

Coko still walked into the studio and recorded her gospel record “At Your Feet”. She decided to share the record with Taj and Lelee hoping that when they heard it they’d give her the support and approval she was looking for from them. It worked. They listened to the words and had a change of heart. It was impossible for them to hate the song so they told they were behind her on her solo career. With things taking a positive turn, they were ready for their meeting with Sony. Sony wasn’t exactly ready for them.

They found out from a representative at Sony that they hadn’t been set free from their record deal with Mass Appeal. It caught SWV by surprise because their attorney told them it wouldn’t be a problem getting out of that deal so they could sign with Sony. They had to solve that issue quick before they lost Sony and Jeff Robinson. The ladies sat down with Corey and Marcus from Mass Appeal and the conversation didn’t go the way or as easy as they expected it.


Marcus wasn’t budging. He was not letting them out of the contract. The ladies knew that even though Mass Appeal didn’t hold up their end of the bargain, they had still signed a contract and did not have to money to go file for a law suit. Regardless of how many times Taj blatantly told him that SWV wanted out, they had no choice but to stay and to work it out. The next step was to tell Jeff Robinson the bad news. They had never mentioned their battle with Mass Appeal to him before.

They day of their big show at L.A.’s Greek theater was coming up, but not knowing whether or not they’d still have Jeff Robinson as a manager was taking away from the excitement. SWV was scared that he wouldn’t take the news well and would back out of working with them.

When they brought Jeff up to date about them deciding to stay with Mass Appeal, he wasn’t happy about the decision being made with out him. Jeff second guessed being their manager for a minute, but he told the ladies he’d still be behind them. It was a load lifted off of their shoulders … at least just one load.

On their way to the Greek theater they reminisced on their old days and Taj compared their journey to movie Get Him to the Greek—and said Lelee was Russell Brand because of her body count. Lelee, it was like that? It’s always good to seem them laugh together and get along, but it seems like whenever they get there, Coko always hits them with something else.

On a break from sound check, Coko told Corey that she had a change of heart and didn’t want to do another record under Mass Appeal after how wrong they did SWV with their last album. She didn’t trust Marcus and decided she didn’t want to work with him even if the cost was SWV.

It was the last show of their tour and they ended it in a big way at the Greek theater, but there were still things that needed to be settled. Coko told the ladies how she felt about working with Mass Appeal.

For Taj and Leele it was reminiscent of what broke them up the first time. The conversation turned into a fight. Coko got defensive and didn’t want to hear what no one else in the room had to say. Lelee felt that it may be the end of the group based on the way everyone walked away from the conversation.

Will Coko ever stick wholeheartedly with SWV?