SWV Reunited - Coko has more trouble at home

Last night on "SWV Reunited," the ladies took the show on the road and made their way to Atlanta.

When Taj and Coko got a moment together on the tour bus, Taj took the opportunity to talk about the feelings Coko finally expressed during their therapy session. She told Coko that she needed to start talking about things and set the pace for her son, Jaz, to express his feelings also. She had still not seen her son in over a month.

They made it to Atlanta and after everyone got settled in there was a knock on the door of Taj’s hotel room. Coko walked in and showed her a false blog someone had written about Taj’s marriage being on the rocks. The blogger had brought back up an old story that the media had gotten wrong and asked if she was “still married to that cheater.” People don’t have better things to do with their lives? The situation with the blogger had her all riled up. It didn’t help that when she called her husband he didn’t get as riled up as she wanted him to. Instead he told her to just let it die down. Being in a celebrity marriage is no easy task.

Taj and Lelee decided to have some needed relaxation time by the pool and waited for their massages … while Coko was cooped up in her hotel room. The blog about her marriage still had Taj steaming so she started to vent about it, but when Lelee questioned the falseness of the rumor Taj was taken aback. After the shock of Lelee’s question passed, they both agreed that Taj should contact the blogger who wrote the article. They dapped it up and then it was time for some massages. I don’t think those two were the only ones who needed some relaxation.

They strolled back from their massages and Cory (aka the Fun Police) was not happy about how they had spent their time. He failed at trying to scold them for not preparing for their writing session with Sean Garret because Taj and Lelee checked him real quick about playing his position; the road manager. Did Cory forget they were under new management?

Back in Coko’s hotel room she spoke to her husband to see if there was any news on the whereabouts of their son, Jaz … who also had a court date coming up for a vandalism charge. If he didn’t show up in court, things were going to go from bad to worse.

Taj finally tracked down the blogger and called her up and had a few words for her. Even though it felt good to get it off her chest, judging by what happened in their writing session it didn’t look like she was completely over the situation.

During the session with Sean Garret, everything was going good and music was being
made until Lelee and Taj had a disagreement about the direction of the song they were working on. The song just so happened to be about cheating men and Taj sounded like things were hitting a little too close to home for her. Sean was able to turn the argument into art and used it in the concept of the song.

Hours before the concert Taj’s husband showed up and surprised her by showing up at her hotel room with flowers. She couldn’t even be mad at him for taking the blogging situation so lightly after that. That was a cute way to avoid to dog house. Coko got a surprise before the concert as well.

Coko got a call from her husband and found out that her son’s court date is the same day as one of SWV’s shows. She wasn’t about to abandon her duties as a mother for SWV.

After their concert performance in ATL Lelee had a surprise for the fans; the rapper who took the stage next was her son, Khiry. It was the first time Lelee saw her son perform on a stage and he did his thing! On their way to the car after the show, Coko killed the excitement and let her group members know that one of their concerts had to be canceled because she couldn’t make it. It took minutes of arguing before she finally told them it was because her son was having legal issues.

It doesn’t look like Coko is working on opening those doors of communication.