Blood, Sweat & Heels - Can we be friends again?

Last night on “Blood, Sweat & Heels,” it looked like there was hope for all of the ladies to possibly get along again … or at least be able to tolerate each other.

At Demetria’s blog celebration “Cocktails with Belle,” Daisy approached her to find out why they were not on the same page anymore. Demetria didn’t intend on having the conversation, but she was forced to after a glass she accidentally knocked over shattered and cut Daisy. Looked like a sign to me. After they hashed—and hugged—things out, Demetria decided to warm up to Daisy and said that they would have a follow-up conversation at a later time. Good job, ladies!

It’s bad enough Melyssa had yet to make a sale at work; showing up late and hung over surely didn’t make things any better. Her boss, Jennifer, let her know that she was not pleased with her. The next morning Jennifer arranged to meet with Melyssa over coffee. The thought of losing her job was heavy on Melyssa’s mind. Financially, she wouldn’t be able to handle it. However, Jennifer had no intentions of firing her and instead wanted to clear up the tension that was settling between the two of them. Jennifer let Melyssa know that she believed in her ability to succeed in real estate and that touched Melyssa. It gave her the belief she needed to believe in herself.

With everything cleared up, as a friend, Jennifer let Melyssa know that she was having family issues that called for her to move back to Seattle. It was upsetting for Melyssa because Jennifer was the one giving her the push she needed. Now, it was up to Melyssa to motivate herself. She better send her over a bouquet of flowers for not giving her the ax!

Last night we got to see the giving side of a couple of the women of “Blood, Sweat & Heels”. Brie brought Melyssa and Demetria along to a charity event she was hosting to benefit a children’s hospital. Melyssa had started to see the differences between her, Demetria and Brie in hanging out with them on that particular day. She felt that Brie had it easier because of the wealthy family she came from. We learned that Demetria was also raised privileged in a family where she could always go to her parents for financial help if she needed it. Melyssa felt like they didn’t have to work as hard as she did to get where they were. Hopefully, she turned those thoughts and feelings into motivation to push her hustle into overdrive.

While Brie was working to raise money for her charity, Mica was doing the same. As the spokesperson for an organization called Project Sunshine, a non-profit organization that provides free resources and programs for children facing medical challenges and their families, she was working a room in an effort to get people to reach deeper in their pockets for the cause. Mica became a spokesperson for Project Sunshine because what they stood for hit close to home. Mica’s sister, who she lost to AIDs in 2011, was diagnosed with HIV in 1992. It was a challenge her sister, Tammy, and her whole family had to face. It was good to see her use that memory of her sister to give back to the community.

Back at Geneva’s place her hormones were on ten. Thankfully, she was getting ready for a date with her friend Wayne, who she used to date a few years ago. She got ready in every possible way, which included sliding in a couple kegal balls. I hope she thoroughly washed those things off after she dropped them on the floor. I’m sure Geneva wanted to skip the date and head right to the bedroom.

Apparently, Wayne wanted to do the same. It was a bit uncomfortable watching the two of them use sexual innuendos while feeding each other samples of their food. I'm lying. It was very uncomfortable.

There may be a good turn for the rest of the relationships between the women of “Blood, Sweat & Heels”. Demetria was over all of the friction, so she decided to do something about it. She set up a boat ride specifically for all the ladies to face their issues and this time she included Mica. All Greg could think was, “Man overboard”. I agree.

There needs to be a few licensed life guards on that boat in next week’s episode …