Real Housewives of Atlanta - Apollo never learns

Mexico looked like it was doing some good for "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast. Everyone was still getting along even after that distasteful dinner where Porsha’s failed marriage seemed to be the meal most of them took a bite out of.

Kenya went all out in planning activities, but a few things were out of their element. Nature wasn’t too comfortable for the group. The snakes and bats may have been a bit much for them to handle.

Things got tensely awkward when they reached a natural spring on their cave tour and Kenya suggested they all take a dip. Apollo wanted to jump in, but the leash Phaedra had on him wouldn’t allow him to without her. Phaedra wasn’t about to let her man go floating around in some water with Kenya by himself again, but since he wanted to go in she jointed and so did Porsha. Maybe Phaedra and Apollo should have just stayed home. Kenya is trouble and Apollo looks to be the type to flirt with trouble.

After their excursion Kenya had something personal planned that she wanted the ladies to join her in. She gathered them to accompany her on a ceremonial fertility blessing. She opened up about her struggle with conceiving a child and holding on to hope that she is still able to. Her being so real and open allowed the other ladies to be able to have a civilized conversation with her. Even Nene didn’t feel the urge to grab a fistful of her hair in that moment. Don’t be fooled. Messy Kenya showed face later on that night.

Since the ladies had their time together the guys hung out for a little while and had their guy time over a few cigars. Todd opened up about his frustrations with the idea of getting married to Kandi when she had yet to put her mother in check. Honestly, who would want to be locked into that situation? Mama Joyce has no chill button. In the middle of their guy talk, Kenya and Miss Lawrence crashed their gathering. She turned things up a notch and brought over a couple rounds of tequila shots.

Kenya decided to try and clear things up between her and Apollo. She wasn’t feeling the fact that he made it seem to Phaedra like she had made advances toward him. It felt to her as if he was using her as a shield from his wife’s wrath. Apollo decided to talk and when they stepped away, the rest of the guys knew he was probably signing his own death warrant. Lord, Apollo. Why haven’t you learned to just stay away from that woman?

Just like the guys expected, Apollo fell into some trouble. Phaedra came down and walked up on Kenya and Apollo when she saw them away from everyone else in their own conversation.

Apollo, Apollo, Apollo …