Mary Mary - Two Strikes, Mitch

This week on “Mary Mary,” the battle with Mitch continued. The Marys had yet another meeting with him in attempt to sort things out, but Mitch’s idea was not one Mary Mary was willing to agree to.

Mitch proposed that he bring in someone to manage their day-to-day affairs because focusing on their long term goals as well as their daily moves had gotten to be too much for him to handle on his own. Bringing someone new in to make things more of a mess was not a move they were willing to make.

An episode of the show isn’t complete unless Mitch fails to deliver at some point. Strike one came when he told them he wouldn’t be able to make it to Atlanta for their Gospel Fest performance. Expected. What’s surprising is that they’re still paying Mitch.

In last week’s show, Erica told Mitch she decided to bring someone else on to manage her solo career, but he refused to sit with her new manager to lay out Mary Mary’s schedule and Erica Campbell’s schedule. Warren, tired of his childishness, decided to step in.

When Mitch went to meet with Warren and his My Block team for a business meeting, he was not expecting to get checked by Warren for raising his voice at his wife during their last one-on-one. Mr. Campbell took off his glasses to make sure Mitch was clear about his warning. When glasses come off is when you know things are serious. You better watch your tone around that man’s wife, Mitch!

Whenever Mary Mary has to hit the road for a show it takes a toll on both Erica and Tina’s households. Tina becomes uncertain about Teddy’s actions and worries if he’s being faithful while she’s gone. At a time when they were trying to work toward healing, traveling wasn’t making the process any easier regardless of how much Teddy tried to ease her worries.

Erica’s 8-yr-old daughter, Krista, admitted that it’s not easy when she leaves town. Erica and Tina met with a Make-A-Wish family whose daughter, Neveah, was suffering from a life-threatening disease. One of the things that calmed their little girl down was Mary Mary’s song “God in Me”. So, they treated them with a private performance as a gift to Neveah. It was amazing to watch Neveah calm down just by hearing their voices. After that experience, Erica decided to take her daughter along with her to Atlanta and surprised her by telling her she was going to join them on stage to sing.

After Tina left for Atlanta, Teddy spoke her mother, Miss Honey, and asked for advice on what he needed to do to get pass the wall Tina had built up. He took her advice to show her as much love as he could and showed up at Tina’s hotel room with flowers to surprise her. It was a relief for Tina because it showed her that he was fighting for their marriage as hard as she needed him to.

Even though the rain came down, Mary Mary’s Gospel Fest performance went well and Krista pulled off her special guest appearance like a champ! It looks like she may be ready for the music business soon.

After the show, their friend Melanie Few (a big marketing executive) visited them backstage and when Mary Mary told her they needed to work together, Melanie said she had already suggested that Mitch, but never heard back. Strike two. They had missed out on a big event with Melanie that would have gotten them some corporate relationships. Apparently, that wasn’t the first time someone approached them about a missed opportunity after they never heard back from Mitch.

Warren decided enough was enough and that he would no longer work with Mitch because he was detrimental to their careers.

Everybody else is on board with letting Mitch go but Erica. There’s only but so many chances a person should get and I think Mitch’s chances should have expired a long time ago.

When will Mary Mary cut him loose?