Mary Mary - More bad news

Last night on “Mary Mary,” the Marys went on a family vacation to the Bahamas with their sisters and husbands on a trip to mix both business and pleasure.

Goo Goo was holding an event, Teddy & Warryn were performing with their group, The Soul Seekers, and Mary Mary was also hitting the same stage in the Bahamas. They were also out there to celebrate a few birthdays. However, Tina had a lot on her mind since the Ebony article revealing her marital issues was going to hit shelves in a few days.

Tina was glad she decided to speak about it because she did it in hopes that it may help heal another marriage, but the anxiety of anticipating the reactions to the article was getting to her. She opened up to Teddy about her fears and hearing Tina tell him that she trusted him only made him feel horrible because there was more to his infidelity that he hadn’t told her yet.

When Teddy reached the Bahamas, he sat down with Warryn and told him that there were countless affairs he had been having while he was being unfaithful. Teddy was scared that when he did come clean Erica would be out the door. He wanted to be honest about it, but Warryn suggested that he waited until they were back home. They were out there to celebrate her birthday as well as Erica’s and another sister’s birthday. His timing would have been horrible.

Goo Goo held her first “Goo Goo’s Glam Suite” and had brought her glam squad along, but her squad must’ve been under the impression that “play” came before work. Erica went up to the suite to get beautified, but Goo Goo’s team showed up late for the appointment. To make things worse, they were late because they had stopped for drinks. Not a good look at all. Erica pulled her sister aside to let her know that she needed to pull her team together because they were leaving a bad impression about Goo Goo’s business. Get it together, Glam Squad.

Things for Mary Mary and their family were already going a little rough. Things were only getting rougher. Twenty minutes before they were to be on stage, Erica got a call from her sister, Lisa, with the bad news that their father had been diagnosed with stage four cancer. She decided against telling Tina before they went on stage, so she held on to it until the following day. It was one of the toughest performances Erica had to do having to put on a smile for her fans when everything had just been turned upside down.

The next day, her friend and gospel singer DeLeon held a birthday celebration for Mary Mary and their family. Erica realized that there was no perfect time to tell her sisters, so she got them together during the party and gave them the bad news. In that moment, it looked like the news hit Tina the hardest. What else could go wrong for her? Teddy hadn’t even come clean about the extent of his infidelities yet.

Life was throwing too many curve balls.