Scandal - All at a cost

The emotional roller coaster of Scandal’s third season came to an end last night.

Last night on the season finale of “Scandal,” Mama Pope’s plan to kill Fitz failed when Jake busted into the Oval Office just as Cyrus had started to come clean about knowing the bomb was planted at the church. Cyrus kept his mouth shut for so long because he knew Sally Langston would be at the church for the senator’s funeral. With Sally gone, Fitz would have surely won the election.

As the church was being evacuated, the bomb went off, but Cyrus escaped having to live with an even heavier heart because Sally made it out in time. The second race to profit from another tragedy began. This time Sally won after Leo suggested she stayed behind to let the cameras see her on the scene aiding the wounded. Every news station cut from Fitz addressing the tragedy to Sally bandaging victims and giving a speech on the scene. The polls were in her favor after that move. Liv and Cyrus knew it was the end of Fitz’s run and that started to sink in.

Papa Pope was in the hospital recovering from his near fatal stab wounds that were a parting gift from his wife. I don’t know if it was the experience of coming so close to death or this “I’m going to pretend to be ‘daddy’” game he was playing, but Papa Pope was softening up in his hospital bed and was sympathetic to everything Liv was dealing with.

Abby and Huck walked in on the new jack rabbits Quinn and Huck going at it again in the OPA office after being turned on by Papa Pope’s blood stain on the floor next to them. What? I’m not sure how I feel about this relationship. At all. Charlie packed his bags after finding out about Huck and left Quinn with an envelope he knew would ruin her new budding relationship.

Inside the envelope was information on Huck’s wife and son. She took him to the house where his family lived and when Huck realized where Quinn had taken him he told her never to speak to him again. I guess Charlie won.

Letting the defeat settle in, Liv and Fitz started back up on their Vermont kick again. Fitz said he would leave Mellie, but Liv couldn’t stand to hear him bad mouth her so she spoke her suspicion that Big Jerry raped her. When Fitz found Mellie she was holding a glass of liquor that had been accompanying her for the last few weeks.

The election results were about to be made public and Fitz was already prepared to lose. His family, including his son and daughter, joined him at the podium to say a few words before the election results were released. As Fitz started his address, his son began coughing up blood and soon passed out. He was pronounced dead from meningitis at the hospital. Who was behind it?

Tom, Fitz’s secret service, provided proof that Mama Pope was the culprit. Papa Pope offered to take care of her and Fitz accepted the offer. This was all a part of Papa Pope’s twisted plan to get his desk back in B-613’s office (I knew it!). He found his wife, fulfilling his promise to Fitz and as a reward was given his position back. Mama Pope was back in the hole and everyone believed that she had killed Fitz’s son when it was really his doing. He knew Fitz would put him at the forefront of the hunt for Mama Pope to seek revenge for the death of his son and as a result he would become Command again. He kept his promise to Liv. He didn’t touch a hair on Fitz’s head and he got his presidency. Fitz won the election off of the sympathy of the nation, but it all came at a cost.

Liv had no knowledge of what her father had been up to and didn’t want to know. She had revisited her father’s offer to get on a plane and start a new life to save the people she believed she had been hurting. She and Jake packed their bags and took off on that private jet together.

The life left in question was Harrison’s after he figured out what Papa Pope had done and approached him about it. Will the gun pointed at Harrison’s head at the end of the episode go off?

What else besides “Hi” will Huck say to his wife after he had the courage to knock on the door?

What body part will Mama Pope eat to get out of the hole this time?

The countdown to season four begins.