Scandal - Did the Gladiators make a mistake?

Last night’s episode of "Scandal" left its faithful viewers on the edge of their seats.

Not wanting to be in the room with the president and his campaign, Olivia sent Abby in her place to work out the next steps of their campaign moves. Abby arrived at the White House in her white coat, a look that is the staple to Liv’s character. However, it may not have been the right fit for her. Fitz stormed out the room and Gov. Nicholls followed suit.

Liv was busy working with her father to find out information on B-613’s funding. Rowan admitted that they were funded by rerouting tax payers’ money into a secret account, but when Huck found the account, it was empty. Huck was skeptical and didn’t trust her father suddenly giving up information. Papa Pope reassured Liv that the only reason he was now helping was because he would rather lay his organization to rest than to watch it fall apart at the hands of Jake.

Taking on Liv’s role proved to be challenging for Abby. The campaign had gotten messier. Janine, the woman who took the fall for the affair with Fitz, had released a tell-all book, “Taken for Granted”. Very clever to make a profit off of a false affair with a president in office. She didn’t even have to drop her pants to do it. It turned out that Sally Langston made it possible for the book to be published. Cyrus didn’t take that shot lightly.

To retaliate, Cyrus leaked information about the secret abortion Sally’s daughter had and made it very hard for her supporters to trust that Sally practiced what she preached. Things had gotten too hectic, so Abby called Liv to come to the rescue, Fitz had been trying to get her into his office as well.

Fitz was trying to get Gov. Nicholls off his ticket after finding out he had been sleeping with Mellie, but Liv shut that idea down. Fitz letting Gov. Nicholls’ presence bother him so much was a clear sign that he still had strong enough feelings for Mellie. So, when he told her what she had been wanting him to admit he needed, for the governor to “stop screwing” his wife, it was confirmation that he wasn’t done with Mellie. She distanced herself and did her job.

The old cut-throat Liv looked to be back when she made it clear to the governor that he had one choice that would make his life easy, which was to choose being VP over love. Just as she knew he would, he chose power. The next time he and Mellie had a moment, Gov. Nicholls turned down her advances. Mellie knew exactly what was going on when her lover’s demeanor changed. She charged straight into the Oval Office where Fitz was in the middle of a meeting and slapped Fitz clean across his face for always taking everything from her.

It was Sunday and Liv and her father were on their regularly scheduled Sunday dinners. This week, an uninvited guest sat down at the table with them; Mama Pope. Rowan and “Marie” both grabbed the knives placed on the table while Liv sat there in fear. What a twisted Sunday family dinner. She warned Olivia to not meddle in her business and when Liv’s got a call from Harrison, her mother suggested that she answer it. Harrison had found an old associate who was planning to turn against Mama Pope dead.

Maybe Liv should have stayed on that plane her father put her on months before.

With Papa Pope giving Liv some help and Liv sleeping her way into planting a device on Jake’s phone, Huck finally found his way into B-613’s secret account.

At the same moment Quinn and Charlie, who had been ordered to keep surveillance on Mama Pope’s activities, were watching “Marie” and Adnan Salif open a box that contained a bomb hidden under a bouquet of roses. They were in the surveillance van waiting for Jake to give their next order on whether or not to take her down before she got away, but the feed was cut off when Liv gave Huck the order to shut B-613 down with the click of his mouse. The lights and electricity at B-613 headquarters had shut off and their phones were dead.

Quinn made her own decision to go after her without waiting for Jake’s order, but it was too late. Looks like Quinn is still a gladiator.

As the Gladiators clinked their glasses celebrating their take down of B-613, Jake walked in and put Olivia’s neck in a death grip slamming her against the wall.

Had Olivia just killed the president?