The Real Housewives of Atlanta - A Mother's Love

Last night on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” the opening night of Kandi and Todd's production A Mother’s Love was getting closer and Porsha had still been missing rehearsals.

Kandi popped in on one of Porsha’s studio sessions to find out firsthand the reason behind her absences. Porsha tried to put the blame on Kandi’s team (and told her she needed to check that team), but it turned out that it was Porsha’s people who had screwed up.

The cast of A Mother’s Love had their first week of rehearsal at the theater. Porsha finally showed up, but she was visibly behind on a few things. Kandi’s stage manager, Lark, wasn’t too fond of Porsha’s work ethic and pulled her aside to let her know that. Watch it, Porsha. Don’t let that head get too big too soon.

While rehearsals kept rolling on, Todd and Mama Joyce spent some time together as he showed her around the venue. After the short tour, Todd had a heart to heart with Mama Joyce and, surprisingly, she opened up about her feelings toward him. She admitted she made her life about Kandi after her son passed away to make sure nothing would happen to her. Mama Joyce told Todd that she might have been acting too over protective.

I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it was the counseling session she had with Kandi or maybe it was seeing herself in Shirley Murdock’s character in the production as Kandi’s mother that brought about a change in Mama Joyce. From the looks of it, she and Todd could be working toward some kind of relationship.

Over in Nene’s world, she had a lot going on. She met with her manager to go over a few sketches for her clothing line that she was starting with HSN. They also met to discuss a few more scripts sent her way that he wanted her to take a look at. Nene had passed on previous scripts because, as an actress, she felt they weren’t for her. Is Nene acting Hollywood without warrant?

While Nene had a lot of promising and good things going for her, a few of her cast mates were catching the short end of the stick. Cynthia found out after multiple phone calls and checking the blogs that Peter’s bar, Bar One, was facing foreclosure. Upset that he didn’t let her know himself, she went to speak with him about it. It turned out that the owners of the building that housed Bar One—and the Industry studio that housed The Bailey Agency—had not been paying their mortgage, which left whether or not they would have to move their businesses up in the air.

Kenya was dealing with a death in her household. Her aunt, Lori, paid a visit to her house where she found a distraught Kenya lying in bed mourning the death of her dog, Velvet. A neighbor’s dog had mangled Velvet when Kenya let her outside. Kenya decided to take Lori’s advice on planning a memorial service for Velvet.

Things are a getting a little cloudy for some of the cast of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”.