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    I wanted to be a celebrity from the time I can remember. Some days I think I should of been. When I realized at an early age that I really had talent I went all in with the dreams of one day becoming a dancer or a singer. All throughout school I sang. I sang in talent shows, I sang at the Apollo. I even was given a record deal with a small indie label that eventually fell through. I knew I had to make it.

    With my strict upbringing I knew there would not be too many late night studio sessions with any producers but I continued to pursue music quietly. By the time I entered college, I realized I wanted a career and not so much to chase after a dream that at the time I felt could or could not happen. By my senior year in college I started doing different internships at major labels including Sony Music and Universal Music that eventually landed me a job at Atlantic Records.

    After years in the industry and not really feeling like I was in the heart of the industry as I wanted to be I decided to remain in entertainment but in different arenas. Music, television, radio has remained a true passion for me. I continued to pray that one day that opportunities would grow where I would be in the center of it all. Once media began to expand into myspace, facebook, and twitter to name a few I realized I could be as close to media as I wanted to be.

    I started L.Y.P. Service Entertainment News Bag because I realized how many times a day I was actually running through blogs, celebrity websites crazed for the next details of the people I love in reality tv, music, and television. We do this all the time at home, in shops, and even on the street with complete strangers. I decided the thing that I craved for the most was now at my fingertips and I was going to be part of the story. I hope people are engaged and interested in the material that I find worthy of updating them with.

    Please feel free to state your opinions because I definitely try to bring you juiciest news and state my own. Of course sometimes I may say things that people don't agree with or may even upset people but as long as I stay authentic and respectful I know that there's room for growth. I am not a journalist but I love to report the the juiciest gossip.


R&B Divas - The Divas In New York

This time on R&B Divas Monifah’s birthday was coming up and she decided to do a showcase in New York City. Since Latosha was the new member of the team Monifah asked her if she would join. Monifah is comfortable in her skin, and she just wanted to showcase her talents and how far she’s come. With all the tension with the ladies Monifah knew this would be a sure way to get everyone together. The women have been propositioned to go on a tour and everyone is wondering if the tour will go well with Syleena’s sister Syleecia managing it. Keekee was especially apprehensive of allowing Syleena’s sister to be the spear head of this tour since she wondered what experience she had in doing this. Michael, Keekee’s husband felt he knew what was best and going on this tour was definitely the right move, however Keekee was full of pranks and wasn’t taking everything seriously at all.

Faith Evans was in New York, and she hooked up with Biggie Small’s daughter Tyanna, which was adorable. It was really good seeing her. Faith decided to go down memory lane with Lil Cee’s to look at where Biggie used to live. While in New York everyone was getting ready for the showcase including Monifah who featured my favorite hair-stylist in Brooklyn, Miss Zulema Hunt from Zu Stylez Salon. Monifah was a little nervous because she was in her home town, but she was also grateful for how far she had come in her journey. Nikki and Faith also hooked up to chat about Monifah’s showcase to only get an email about the tour that they all hadn’t really agreed to. Nikki felt completely disrespected and thought Syleena’s sister was way out of line.

While in New York Keekee’s husbandger decided to get her a meeting with Londell Mcmillan, who is an industry great. When Keekee got there she wasn’t serious at all and Londell wondered if Keekee was really ready for some rebranding in her career. First of all when you burp at a meeting with a potential management team, YIKES. Keekee was really excited to be able to work with this team; hopefully she would get more serious in the long run. Read more...

"Braxton Family Values - Keep The Sisters & The Husbands Separate"

This time on "Braxton Family Values", Mama E was considering moving to Los Angeles to be close to her daughters Tamar and Toni who thought it would be better for her dating life and so Tamar could have someone to cook her meals. Tamar explained to her mom that the best reason to move is to cook for her???? Only Tamar. When Towanda and Trina got together without the other sisters to see a possible location for the new clothing boutique,Towanda was stunned to hear that Gabe was also part of the deal. I think these sisters should get over Gabe’s past already, if Trina loves her husband and wanted to make it work, let her be. Read more...

"Braxton Family Values - Papa Braxton's 65th Birthday"

Last night on “Braxton Family Values” it was a lot of laughs with the ladies continuing to make plans for throwing their father Papa Braxton his 65th birthday party. Although the ladies were happy to be celebrating their dad’s birthday, they weren’t excited to be in the company of some they call “ratchet” family members who have talked about them and their lives like dogs. Traci who is usually the first one to finish the drama when it begins in the crew decided maybe purchasing a gun would be the solution. LOL. Just as predicted the day of their dad’s party the ladies were less than happy with their family. When their Aunt Bev got up to give a speech she mistakenly called their mother a “baby mama”. The ladies felt quite insulted that after being married for 35 years to their dad, even though they are separated,  that an aunt would have the nerve to refer to their mom as a “baby mama”. Yikes!                  
Mama Evelyn had been having some difficulties with her health so she was in Atlanta hospitalized. When Tamar and the ladies took a visit to see their mom in Atlanta Tamar acted like a huge germaphobe, and wanted to wear latex gloves so she wouldn’t catch anything anywhere. The ladies had been quiet concerned about their moms health for a while, and Evelyn didn’t seem to be taking it as seriously as she should. Back in L.A, Toni Braxton also was dealing with some mental frustrations with her music career so Babyface through Towanda’s instruction made a visit to his former artist. Babyface explained to Toni that the appeal of her music before was her pain, and allowing her fans to connect to that pain which she hadn’t done in a while. I believe that Toni did try to fit more into mainstream music than saving her authenticity as an artist. She definitely changed from what we loved and admired about her. Sometimes artists have to stop just wanting to be successful and just make it more about the music.
Traci decided to take some gun safety classes because she was really serious about purchasing a gun for what she says is for SAFETY!! Nobody in the family thought it was a good idea for hot tempered Traci to be carrying a fire arm and Toni felt like her mom needed to be informed about Traci’s new desire. The ladies also came to the agreement that it may be time for Mama Evelyn to be monitored and move to Los Angeles. Maintaining their mom’s health, and watching how she is conducting herself health wise was definitely important. They also began the process of their mom seeing a nutrionist, and taking on some new exercise habits. Towanda tries her hand at accompanying her mom to a Zumba like exercise class, where she felt like the instructor wasn’t really qualified, and it ends up being more comical than serious.

With Mama Eve and Toni against Traci’s desire to buy a gun will she really go with it? Find out next time!

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"Braxton Family Values - Papa Braxton To The Rescue"

Last night on “Braxton’s Family Values” the ladies were trying hard to rebuild their relationships with each other. Their parents Michael Braxton and Evelyn sat down with the ladies at a family dinner in Los Angeles to allow for family time, and to bring things back to normal. Even though everyone had gotten most of what they wanted off their chest last time, things still seemed a bit tense. Since Tamar and Traci had gone through a series of misunderstandings in the past they thought it would be a great idea if they engaged in some sisterly work out fun together. This was especially a good time for this work-out session since Traci was gearing up to do the DMV’s Foundation For Women’s Cancer race to raise money for fighting cancers affecting women. We all know Traci wasn’t always team exercise so this could have been a challenge, but Traci knew that she had to show and prove and do this. Read more...

"Braxton Family Values - Sister Therapy"

Last time on " Braxton Family Values", Toni flew out of the session pissed off that Tamar suggested that the sisters were jealous of her. Toni explained that this was a stressful time, because they had been doing a lot more fighting than being a family. The question I have asked myself is besides Tamar running her mouth all the time, was there a level of small jealousy because of the success of Tamar on the show? Toni spoke to the therapist and told her that the family drama had been making her sick, and she really needed to take care of herself instead of being bothered with them. In the agitation of the last therapy session Trina also got a little snippy with her mom, and she made it right by taking her out to lunch. At the end of the day I know these women love each other, but there is a time when families can drift apart, but through communication it can work out.  
The Braxton's father Michael Braxton Sr. was called to the rescue to try to mend things back together with the ladies. The main thing is that everyone wasn't fighting with each other - they were upset with Tamar. The main issue every season seems to be Tamar's mouth. Although Tamar told her father she didn't know what the problem was I believe Tamar's mouth has been the main factor for a while. Evelyn and their dad sat everyone down, as they talked and tried to listen to each other. Traci couldn't attend because her husband had gotten a little sick in the DMV but the others attempted to mend everything thus far.  Tamar felt like the therapy session was about them jumping all over her. It was so interesting to me that Tamar didn't really think she was at least part of the problem. If she would just stop looking at it as a bashing and listen maybe they could really get somewhere. In the end everyone wanted an apology but Tamar's way of apologizing just didn't feel authentic. When Toni got emotional the ladies decided at that point they needed to end the drama. When Mr. Braxton met up with Traci to ask her to forgive Tamar as well she didn't take it very well, and stormed out on the conversation. Yikes.
Tamar attempted to enjoy some quality sister time by going out with Toni for tea. Unbeknownst to us, Tamar told Toni how rough it was having a number one single "Love & War" released and not being able to share that moment with her sisters. That must have really hurt, because it would have been nice to have her sisters there to applaud her. Mr. Braxton attempted to meet with Traci again, to really figure out what she was so angry about. In a nice way Mr. Braxton tried to ask if Traci would sit down with Tamar to mend the existing drama these women have had with each other all their lives. MMMM.... Traci wasn't really being the nicest to Tamar the last encounters so I wasn’t surprised when the sit down kind of went left.  
Gabe, who we haven't heard much news about this season, decided to enlist the sisters to help him go ring shopping since the wedding ring he bought Trina was FAKE!!! UGHH... he is too much. Who buys someone a cubic zirconia wedding ring? Since Gabe had been a cheating husband the last time, the ladies decided bigger was better. Till next time will Gabe stop being cheap and buy a real ring for Trina? Will Traci and Tamar get rid of their sister rivalry?
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"Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season Finale"

On the season finale of the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta”, Kenya's Hollywood costume gala turns out to be the ending to any chance that we might have thought she wasn't a drama queen. Last time as we remember she asked Porsha to come as Halle Berry from the movie “BAPS”, for the portrayal of monumental characters from popular movies in Hollywood. I wasn't sure how this character signified anybody monumental in Hollywood but Kenya wanted all of us to believe she was being genuine. When Porsha showed up as Dorothy Dandridge, Kenya, in usual fashion lost it, and tried to play the role of the victim as usual.
Last week most media outlets confirmed that Porsha’s husband Kordell had filed for divorce and last night we got a chance to see just how much their relationship was unraveling in their therapy session together. Kordell didn't seem that sensitive to Porsha's emotions about losing her baby, and he didn't seem like he valued a woman having her own mind at all. Porsha might have been feeding into his chauvinistic ways most of their marriage. I am still not certain what caused Kordell to file for divorce abruptly supposedly without her knowledge but I'm sure we'll find out soon. It was interesting because the season started out with their marriage seeming picture book perfect, but as time went on Porsha didn't seem happy with how her husband communicated with her emotionally. They say reality TV can either make your marriage stronger or not.
As Kenya prepares for her party, she stages a real life re-enactment for all the characters the women have been assigned to play. Nene was assigned Grace Jones in the movie "Boomerang", Kandi was Tina Turner from "What's Love Got To Do With It", Phaedra was Eartha Kitt from "Cat Woman", and lastly Porsha as Halle Berry in the infamous "BAPS".  SHADEY. Unfortunately Porsha decided that she wasn't going to follow the rules because she didn't signify the character and she knew Kenya was definitely being spiteful by suggesting that character for her. Kenya becomes infuriated that Porsha didn't follow the direction of her party theme and had her escorted out by security! First off Kenya, you really need to grow up. We all know you did that purposely and to try to convince us that you did this because you thought it was appropriate is why we all kind of think you are over the edge. In the end Kenya's plan backfired because the rest of the ladies decided if Porsha was going to be kicked out they would be leaving the party too. When the ladies convince Kenya how ridiculous and childish this all is she apologizes and Porsha ends up staying at the party. She's good because I would have definitely departed. The whole thing was out of a movie, exactly what the point of her party was. SMH.
Will Kenya and Porsha ever be civil, and smooth out their issues? I don't think so. Was Porsha and Kordell's marriage not as perfect as it seemed? Probably not. Stay tuned for the reunion next week.
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"Real Housewives of Atlanta - Is Walter Stalking Kenya?"

Last time on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta the women showed us how mean they could be by consistently allowing their husbands to keep inviting Kenya’s ex Walter to events. Kenya in turn decided to do what I would have done - storm out.  Who wants to be in the company of your ex constantly? YUCK. Do you blame her at all ladies for being upset? When Cynthia sat down with Kenya after Kandi’s housewarming, she explained to Kenya that she needed to ignore this whole thing, and learn how to co-exist with Walter being around at most events because Atlanta was small. I think the ladies were being mean girls, they knew this was Kenya’s weakness and they kept trying to go for her jugular. It’s all well and good to know your worth but always running into an ex who is standing ten feet away at a party is annoying.  

Porsha decided to sit down with a therapist to discuss her and Kordell’s issues with having a baby. Porsha talked about her feelings with losing her last pregnancy and how unexpressive she was with her husband about it. That must have been a very traumatic experience, and sometimes men may not get it. Based on the last few episodes I am not sure Kordell was really interested in having a baby.  Last time he wanted Porsha to choose between her career and being a mom.

Kandi finally had a launch party for her business, Bedroom Kandi. One of the things that Kandi said during her opening speech was how starting her own business came from an idea that grew beyond her dreams and I have to say ladies it’s true. Go out there, and do what you love that’s the only way to be truly happy. She said “I am doing something, that I never thought I could do”. It felt good to see her success with this, we all can achieve our dreams if we work hard at it.

Kandi also discussed with her boyfriend Todd the possibility of her mom moving in with them. Todd didn’t seem too hot about the idea, so Kandi felt like well if you are so opinionated where’s the ring? Also she sprung on Todd about what he thought about a pre-nup? YIKES.  Kandi wants to make sure she isn’t being taken for her Bedroom Kandi empire lol. Kandi is really successful and honestly I don’t know if I’m mad at her but does it take away the essence of real love and romance?

What was the probability that Kenya and Phaedra would be filming their booty DVD’s around the same time. Phaedra had hers at a Beverley Hills home in Los Angeles, and Kenya had hers in a nice work out room. They both went back and forth spewing what was too fat, or unhealthy about each other. It was funny, and sad. Lol. Phaedra’s looked like she was at the club, and Kenya spent her time micromanaging every detail of the shoot. Which one did you like? I have no comment. Greg decided to pop the question again to his ex-wife Nene. I thought that was great, that they could bring their relationship back together again after their ups and downs. Tune in next time.
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"Real Housewives of Atlanta - Walter's Back"

This time on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" - after all the lack of drinking and pickle eating Porsha wanted to find out if she was pregnant.  After going through the excitement of taking a pregnancy test it was sad to see Porsha break the news to her husband that she wasn’t pregnant. It must be hard to want to conceive but feel like you and your husband are not really on the same page on whether you want to be a mom or a career woman. Kordell didn’t really feel like Porsha was ready for motherhood at all.  I will say this, when I speak to most of my friends who are moms, career and motherhood is definitely a task. I don’t understand though why Kordell wanted her to choose whether she wanted to be a mom or a career woman when she can do both.  The ladies felt like Kordell may have some control issues, and he is a bit outspoken but it works for Porsha. The great thing is that Porsha doesn’t ever have to work a 9-5 like most women who are moms. I say go for it.

The general theme of the night was how everyone kept inviting Walter Kenya’s ex to all their events. Peter was having a Men’s Health event for the guys and of course WALTER was on the guest list. It’s clear that these women knew Kenya wouldn’t be happy with him being at the events.  Kenya decided to bring a former NFL player to Peter’s event, with a smashing dress to show she had no care about Walter (NICE JOB). Walter however was a couple of tables away, and before he left the party the guys decided to pick his brain about why he broke up with Kenya. I may not think Kenya is all the way there, but Walter calling her a senior citizen as if he’s some spring chicken, classless. Why Walter would talk about a woman he dated for two years, is just so low.  Kenya also told the ladies that she was having a costume ball and wanted all of them to come including Phaedra who she decided to bury the hatchet with. SMH. Group gatherings don’t prove to be the best thing for these women but they keep doing them.

As if the Walter fiasco wasn’t enough at Peter’s event, he also was invited to Kandi’s housewarming with a date. WHY???. SMH. Its one thing to know your ex is going around town talking about you, but to have that ex at every event you go to with your supposed friends. I’m so confused about the intent of why Walter was now in the circle.  Kenya, who wouldn’t let Walter get away with bad mouthing her, was now going around town telling everyone Walter was gay. How interesting though that Walter made sure he brought a woman friend to the party, to cover up those details. Lol. In the end Kenya stormed out of the party, which honestly I didn’t blame her for. Till next time…
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"Real Housewives of Atlanta - The Girls Visit L.A."

The women were all invited to Nene’s vacation rented home so she could finally show them around in Los Angeles. Nene’s rented vacation home was beautiful; “The New Normal” must be paying well. Since the women had a five hour flight to Los Angeles even though they were scheduled for a dinner party at Nene’s they took their time getting there, and when they arrived at almost midnight Nene was more than upset telling  the women to LEAVE.  SMH. Nene reminded us that although she was now living in Hollywood Hills she is still hood, and she wouldn’t be disrespected with people wasting her money preparing a dinner party that they were late to. Did you agree? I don’t know. Greg did however bring them some take home cheese plates. LOL. Although most of the ladies had unresolved business with each other it was interesting to see them all getting along at that point. Let’s not forget Kenya was still going to be pursuing her “Stallion Booty” video, and Phaedra was still moving forward with the “Donkey Booty” video.                  
Kenya decided to take the women to an Improvisational theatre class to have some fun learning about acting. Nene interestingly showed up really late, and didn’t get a chance to do improv. At that moment she probably understood how it felt to be late, and thrown out with cheese as an appetizer. Lol. Nene then took the ladies to Paramount Theatre to see where she currently tapes the show “The New Normal”. Seeing all the different scenes for shows was very fun for the ladies. I was quite impressed with Nene because coming from being a star of “Housewives Of Atlanta “to now having her own trailer was pretty amazing.  
 The women went to dinner and everyone realized Porscha wasn’t drinking the entire trip. MMMM was someone pregnant? In true drama fashion the women started being catty and started probing Phaedra and Kenya about the dates of release of their booty videos.  Phaedra refused to answer any questions and I don’t blame her. LOL. These women are so funny. Kenya also decided to reveal that she was over with Walter; I mean this was not a surprise to any of us. Porscha, who really doesn’t like Kenya, told everyone that Walter was invited to her husband’s party a week before of course forgetting to invite Kenya. Kenya got infuriated and stormed out of the room, but boo Porscha isn’t your friend, were you surprised?  Porscha knew this would push Kenya’s buttons, and she loved every minute of watching Kenya cringe.  The ladies are scheduled to Las Vegas I wonder how that’s going to go?
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"Hollywood Exes - Season Finale"

It has come to the end of the reality road for our Hollywood Exes. The ladies are tying lose ends, and saying good bye to the past. The most wonderful thing about this show was that the ladies managed to keep their hands to themselves and their dignity intact. There was no real cattiness, even though small drama may have ensued.

Throughout the season, we found out that Sheree and her pastor husband Terrell were actually in a long distance relationship. Terrell had been trying to convince Sheree to move permanently to San Diego to be closer to his ministry and family. Sheree was highly opposed to the move to the point where by the final episode she ends up buying Terrell a Harley motorcycle to buy herself more time. SMH.

Andrea decided to finally erase R. Kelly’s tattooed name off of her back. Umm hello! You were dating with that on your back hon? Well she got it removed and it now says Robert Junior, named after her son.  When Mayte comes to console Andrea, for removing such a monumental piece out of her life, she realizes Mayte may have some things she needs to erase as well.  Mayte needed to do away with the Prince memorabilia that had taken complete space of her home in order to make room for new. Sheree decided to go ring searching with Nicole to assist her new fiancé on what he needed to be purchasing now that she’s finally ready to get married again. Nicole and Sheree get into some heartfelt feelings about the fear of losing themselves in a marriage again. The ladies both decide their old marriages may not have worked but they both love diamonds however. AMEN.

Jose Coneso tries to get back into Jessica’s life AGAIN. Jessica is torn because she doesn’t know if she should let Jose make another entrance into her life, with no guarantees, knowing that he has been unreliable in the past. Jose definitely has her and her daughter on a roller coaster ride, and I hope Jessica will find the strength to finally get off of it.

The ladies decide to come together and participate in Andrea’s dance ensemble for her domestic violence benefit. Andrea vigorously prepares for her event for domestic violence, and although she is nervous she is excited about the message that she is sharing with so many lives. Rehearsals are gruesome, as Andrea is a perfectionist but when she goes to do a difficult piece in the rehearsals, Andrea falls and injures herself. Although the pain is immense Andrea decides the show must go on. Even though Andrea wanted to push through; the pain is obviously so rough, that Andrea could barely put weight on her foot. Andrea had broken her foot, and there wasn’t’ going to be a dance. Even without a dance though Andrea offers her support and encouragement from the audience, and is highly impressed with the final presentation.  It didn’t hurt either that Nicole’s friend made a surprise appearance, Mr. Johnnie Gill. Why did I think that was Eddie Murphy’s friend for a long time though? Anyhoo….

In the end the ladies nail Andrea’s dance benefit, and do an amazing performance. The conquering of the performance is a symbolic symbol of how far these ladies have come from coming out of the shadows of their exes. They realized finally that they were way more than just someone’s ex-wife. For more celebrity news, and gossip check out; How did Usher Raymond get custody of his two kids? Read on…