Week of February 19 - February 24, 2012

1) Whitney Houston's Funeral... and more stories surrounding that event

Amongst the sadness of the lost of the great Whitney Houston is the strategy of a broken marriage and a confused daughter overwhelmed with grief.
As during their marriage there seemed to havebeen some drama at Whitney Houston’s funeral caused by her ex-husband Bobby Brown. According to tabloids, after first being banned, Bobby was later allowed by the Houston family to attend the funeral. Upon arrive to the funeral Bobby was not only accompanied by an entourage of 9 people but then decide we would leave after being told by security that his entourage could not stay.
In a recent interview with the press Bobby Brown’s attorney stated,
“We had a number of discussions prior to the service and a very clear understanding as to exactly what was supposed to take place. Bobby was always invited to sit with the family at the outset. This was a very full, packed congregation…and there literally wasn't a seat available. So this was not about anything other than practical space considerations.
When [he invited his children to his pew], security discreetly, politely, respectfully said, 'Bobby you're welcome to stay here but we need to ask the three children to go sit with their uncle given space limitations.' That was the deal and there shouldn't have been any problem at that point. But for whatever reason, he took offense at that.
For whatever reason he decided he just wanted to leave the service. So he got his three children, went up and kissed the casket, and they walked out of the service. It had to be a difficult time for him. None of us exercise our best judgment when we're under that kind of emotional strain. So I certainly don't stand in judgment of him.”

Though this may be a rough time for Bobby Brown, one can only imagine what daughter Bobbi Kristina is dealing with after thedeath of her mother, Whitney Houston.
According to nydailynews.com, Brown [Bobbi Kristina], was hospitalized twice in 24 hours for extreme grief. There have also been reports of Bobbi Kristina using drugs after her mother’s funeral service and being on suicide watch.


2) Diddy and Magic partner with Comcast

This week, former NBA star Earvin “Magic” Johnson and hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs announced that they will be partnering with with Comcast to launch two new cable networks; Aspire and Revolt as part of Comcast’s 13 minority channel network venture.
Johnson’s channel Aspire is scheduled to launch this summer. The channel will provide “enlightening, entertaining and positive” programming for African Americans.
According to Combs, Revolt is “the first channel created entirely from the ground up in this new era of social media. We’re building this platform for artists to reach an extraordinary number of people in a completely different way. Revolt will be live, like all great moments in television history.”



3) NBA All Star Weekend 2012

After a delayed start to the NBA season, All Star Weekend has finally arrived and many players and celebrities have decided to take their talents to Orlando Fl to participate in the NBA's All Star Weekend festivities. The annual event kicks off with the NBA Celebrity Game and Rising Stars Challenge. This is the first time an Eastern Conference team has hosted All Star Weekend  since 2003. As players put their usual competitive nature behind them and come together for some good ol' East vs. West rivalry,  let's see if the East can bring home the win against the West on the main stage.




4) Nike "Galaxy Foamposites"

More than 4 days prior to the expected release of the "Nike Galaxy Foamposites" sneaker enthusiasts all across the nation lined up and even camped out for days to secure themselves a chance at purchasing the $220 coveted shoe. The limited edition glow-in-the-dark shoes were timed by Nike to release alongside the NBA's All Star Weekend festivities taking place in Orlando Fl. this weekend.  But Nike further increased the desire for the shoe when they announced that only a limited amount of pairs would be distributed in stores and the company themselves would not be selling the shoe online. In many areas due to riots and large crowds Nike and many other retailers were forced to cancel the release of the shoe.

Nike Foamposite Sneakers A Hot Item: MyFoxNY.com



5) Chris Brown and Rihanna  Back together?

It doesn't seem to be much of a secret anymore… despite their very public past and the ending of their previous relationship, Chris Brown and Rihanna are definitely NOT ignoring each other anymore.  From Brown appearing at Rihanna's birthday party and trying to get folks to sign a confidentiality on the scene to say they didn't see him, to recording a remix of her new single "Cake" together… they are definitely interacting more than the public would have expected.  Or Jay-Z.  It's reported that he is "deeply disappointed" in Rihanna as it pertains to her decisions to be seen in circles with Brown again.  His concern is not only for her own safety but also for what young females may interpret by her flippancy regarding what happened between the 2 of them when Brown brutally beat her the night of the Grammys in 2009.  But a source says "Rihanna knows how Jay feels about Chris, but she doesn't care she is going to do what she wants."  

Check out the "Birthday Cake" Remix - WARNING - these lyrics are EXPLICIT.  NSFW

How do you feel about them potentially being back together?



6) Bey & Jay SNL Spoof

Saturday Night Live did what they do best and took a little jab at the First Couple of Entertainment - Jay-Z and Beyonce in a hilarious comedy skit.  In the sketch, Bey & Jay open their home to their celebrity friends to pay respects to Princess Ivy - watch as the likes of Prince, Nicki Minaj and Brad & Angelina stop by to visit the newborn!




7) Nick Cannon quits TV & Radio

Cannon issued a statement, saying:

“Under doctor’s orders, I have been asked to put my health first and cut back on some of my professional commitments in order to allow my body to get the rest that it needs to keep up with the demands of my multi-tasking schedule. It has been an absolute pleasure working with CBS RADIO and the 92.3 NOW morning show team and I would like to thank them for their unwavering support. I will continue to host my syndicated “Cannon’s Countdown” weekend show and look forward to contributing to 92.3 NOW whenever possible. Even Superman has to sleep.”

Read more at TheUrbanDaily.com



8) POTUS Sings the Blues

Our President of these United States, Barack Obama found himself in a musical way again last week.  On February 21st, there was a concert held at the White House that featured Buddy Guy, Mick Jagger and blues legend BB King.  At the end of the evening, the President was convinced by Jagger and Guy to sing a few bars of "Sweet Home Chicago" - check it out and tell us what you think!




9) Note to Myself CBS features Maya Angelou

CBS This Morning kicks off their first 'Note To Self' series with renowned writer/author and civil right activist Maya Angelou.  In the series Angelou sits down to write a letter to her former 15 year old self advising a younger Maya to appreciate the ability of using her 5 senses, the beauty in art, music and humanity.


Source: CBS News




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