Week of January 22 - 28, 2012

1) State of the Union Address

This past Tuesday President Obama delivered his State of the Union Address, laying out the vision for America. Addressing the issues of economy, trade enforcement, employment, immigration and education, President Obama outlined a series of ideas with plans to continue the growth of the nation, declaring, “We’ve come too far to turn back now.” Always inspiring and diligent in his message The President states, "As long as I'm president, I will work with anyone in this chamber to build on this momentum. But I intend to fight obstruction with action, and I will oppose any effort to return to the very same policies that brought on this economic crisis in the first place."


2) The Giants the in Super Bowl

The G-Men are headed to Super Bowl XLVI! For the second time in 4 years the Giants and the Patriots are set to play each other in the Super Bowl. According to the NYTimes.com, “The victory Sunday gave the Giants a bit of revenge for two previous losses here. They fell to the 49ers on Nov. 13, 27-20, when Manning’s fourth-down pass in the red zone was batted down.”

We’ll have to wait until February 5th to see if New England wants to seeks revenge as well. With all the of hype surrounding this matchup after how the Patriots and Giants made it to the Super Bowl in the first place, the anticipation only makes for a better game.

Keeping with the competitive sprit of the sport, celebrities are also weighing in on the big game. After winning half a million dollars on the Giants and 49ers game the week prior, 50 Cent bet Birdman a one million dollars that the Giants will win against the New England Patriots, according to TheInsider.com. All is fair in love and football, especially if you have as much cash as these guys!


3) Rihanna Thug Life Tattoo

We all know that rock star Rihanna has always been a fan of tattoos, but her most recent body art consists of the phrase “Thug Life,” spelled out across her knuckles, as seen in a photo which was posted to her Twitter page. The significance of the tattoo, according to HuffingtonPost.com is said to be homage to the late great Tupac Shakur, who had the “Thug Life” tatted on his stomach.


4) Cee Lo to Perform at Super Bowl

According to MTV.com Cee Lo Green is rumored to be performing with Madonna for the Super Bowl Half Time Show. Sources say Madonna asked Cee Lo to perform with her and he has been seen flying to New York for rehearsals. Although not confirmed yet, we are all excited to see “Mr. F’ You” join the legendary Madonna on stage. Nicki Minaj and M.I.A are also rumored to be performing for Super Bowl XLVI.


5) Joe Paterno Passes Away

A public memorial service of approximately 12,000 came to pay their respects to the former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in State College Thursday Jan. 26, 2012. Paterno died on Sunday Jan. 22, 2012 of lung cancer. 3 days of public viewings were held before the funeral and burial service where former players as well as Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight came to pay respect to the longtime Penn State coach. Joe Paterno also known as "JoePa" won more games than anyone in major college football, prior to being fired amid a child sex abuse scandal that not only scarred his highly acclaimed reputation and integrity but the esteemed Universities as well.

source: ESPN.com

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6) Red Tails Exceeds Expectations

Surprisingly exceeding expectations a with an all black cast Red Tails comes in taking the #2 spot at the box office this weekend. Generating over  $19 million over the 3 day weekend following behind "Underworld Awakening" which came in #1 and brought in over $25 million. The George Lucas film depicted the harsh realities the Tuskegee Airmen faced in World War ll becoming a box office hit. Lucas  who put up his own money to finance and distribute the film overcame major obstacles with the lack of financing from major studios . Hopefully with the strong opening weekend that Red Tails has had, more films with an all-black cast will invoke more appeal to the mainstream public.

source: Box Ofice Mojo


7) Spike Lee Speaks Out On The Lack of Diversity In The Film Industry

Sundance attendees for the premiere of Spike Lee's new film Red Hook Summer got more than they bargained for when the director decided to go off on an angry rant during the screenings Q&A session. Lee's verbal frustrations were prompted after comedian Chris Rock innocently asked how he would have done things differently if a big studio financed Red Hook Summer. Lee responded "We neve went to the studios with this film", "I bought a camera and said we're gonna do this motherf---ing film ourselves". Spike Lee who never intended seeking help from a major studio said "So this while thing was planned out. I didn't need a motherf---ing studio telling me something about [the neighborhood of] Red Hook! They know nothing about Black People! Nothing! And they're gonna give me notes about what a 13-year old Black boy and girl do in Red Hook? F- - - no!!



8) Heidi Klum and Seal Divorce - Reasons become public knowledge

The news broke last week that model/reality show star Heidi Klum is filing for divorce from singer Seal.  But now it's is coming to light why they are breaking up.  It seems that the typical "infidelity" issue was not to blame for their break up.  Rather, Heidi has had it with his temper.  "Seal's inability to control his anger has become too much for Heidi to take, in no small part because it was affecting their children," sources close to the couple say according to TMZ.  The two were raising four children together.  They were known for regular displays of affection in public, extravagant parties and annual renewal of their marriage vows so this news really did take hollywood by surprise.


9) A Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Comedy Tour?

Please say it's so!!!  Chris Rock went on record saying that he was inspired by seeing Jay-Z and Kanye West come together for the epic Watch The Throne Tour.  It didn't take a leap of imagination to piece together that a tour with the comedic equivalent would be an historical event as well!  Chris Rock recently stated:  "“I’ve been talking to Chappelle a lot. Been trying to get Chappelle to go on tour. You know I’m not the hard one [laughing]. But I’m trying to make that happen. After seeing Kanye and Jay-Z, I was like, ‘Me and Dave should do this.’”  We'll wait with anticipation to see if Dave will be so moved!


10) Will and Jada working on their own Reality Show

Well, hopefully this will squash the rumors that they are getting divorced.  Hollywood super couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are rumored to be trying their luck with their own reality show.  Using their own company, Overbrook Entertainment and Simon Cowell's (of American Idol and X-Factor fame) company are partnering with Sony Pictures to present their new DJ Themed reality competition show.  "This show will comb the world to find a new breed of talent.  I am happy to be creating it alongside Simon Cowell, the Sony team and my partner Miguel Melendez, on behalf of the Overbrook family, " says Jada.