Week Of June 23 - 29 2013

Paula Deen Appears On The Today Show To Apologize For Using The N-Word

After being fired from the Food Network for using the N-word towards customers and employees, Paula Deen sat down for an emotional interview where she explained that she didn't know that using the "n-word" was offensive to black people. Watch here.

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Supreme Court Overturns DOMA

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Homosexual married couples will now enjoy the same financial benefits as heterosexual couples as the Supreme Court overturned section 3 of the 1996 DOMA law citing it as unconstitutional. The decision read: "DOMA violates basic due process and equal protection principles applicable to the federal government. Under DOMA same sex married couples have their lives burdened, by reason of government decree, in visisblt and public ways. By its great reach DOMA touches many aspects of married life from the mundane to the profound"

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Scottie Pippen Involved In A Fist Fight With A Heckling Fan

Scottie Pippen was involved in a fight with a fan where the fan allegedly called Pippen the "n-word" and spat at him while he was holding his four year old daughter!

US News | George Zimmerman Trial | More ABC News Videos

Key Witness In The George Zimmerman Man Trial, Rachel Jeantel, Testifys

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In what could easily become the most controversial case of the decade, Rachel Jeantel, friend of slain teen Trayvon Martin and also the last person to speak to him alive, took the witness stand to give her chilling account of what happened between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Despite the defense's attempts to mislead, confuse and aggravate Jeantel, her story remained extremely consistent. The trial continues now. You can live stream it here: This is a link to bit.ly/1aQL6Br

Michelle Obama Joins Instagram

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Michelle Obama has jumped on the social media bandwagon and joined Instagram this week. She posted her first pictures of her daughters and her husband while traveling in Dakar Sengal. Her very first Instagram picture had the caption: "My first instagram! So inspired and so impressed by these extraordinary young women. -mo #FLOTUSinAfrica"

Nelson Mandela’s Health Takes A Turn For The Worse

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Nelson Mandela has been receiving treatment for his declining health since June 8 however; this week his condition took a turn for the worse as he was put on life support. President Obama spoke on Mandela’s health condition stating, "I think he's a hero for the world and if/when he passes, we know his legacy will linger on throughout the ages."

Nene Leaks Gets Married

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Nene and Gregg Leakes have tied the not, again, in a $1.8 million wedding. The ceremony was extremely lavish and over the top as Gregg gave Nene a 10-carat diamond wedding band. It was reported that over 400 guests attended the ceremony and Nene wore a $50,000 Baracci wedding gown. Congratulations!

Paula Deen Hires Real Life Olivia Pope, Judy Smith

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Paula Deen is trying everything in her power to save her empire including hiring ‘Scandal’ inspiration and crisis manager, Judy Smith. After Deen was accused of using racial slurs to her employees and customers, she was fired by the Food Network and dropped by various companies including Walmart, Caesars Entertainment Corporation and Smithfield Foods.

Michelle Williams Releases New Song, “If We Had Your Eyes”

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Former Destiny’s Child member, Michelle Williams, has released a new single, “If We Had Your Eyes” from her upcoming album. Take a listen to the new single here.

Whoopi Goldberg to Star In New Terry McMillan Movie

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Whoopi Goldberg will star in the upcoming Terry McMillan tv movie based off the best selling book, A Day Late And A Dollar Short . The film is set to begin shooting this summer and will air in 2014 on Lifetime. The general manager of the Lifetime network stated, “Terry McMillan is one of America's most beloved writers and A Day Late and a Dollar Short combines her signature emotional storytelling with the complex characters viewers identify with and love."