Week Of February 16-22 2014

NBC News Anchor Brian Willams Raps "Rapper's Delight"


Watch the hilarious video below:

Man Convicted In Death Of Tameka Raymond's Son, Kile Glover

Tameka Raymond's son, Kile Glover, was killed in a jet ski accident last year and now the man responsible for Kile's death, Jeffrey Hubbard, has been convicted of the crime. Jeffrey is a family friend who accompanied the group to their trip on Lake Lanier last summer and was found guilty of reckless operation, serious injury by vessel, boat traffic violation and unlawful operation of a personal watercraft.

Tameka launched "Kile's World Foundation" in honor of her son's death to help increase water safety- by implementing laws, policies & education.

Watch the video below:

Juror In The Davis Trial Speaks Out

21-year-old Creshuna Miles appeared on CNN recently and spoke about her involvement in deciding Michael Dunn's fate in the Jordan Davis murder trial. Shockingly, Miles believed that race didn't have a factor in this case and she did not use it to help her make a decision. Watch the interview below.

Total Makes A Comeback


Remember the 90s R&B group Total? They're making a comeback! Kima, Keisha and Pam recently reunited for a performance in London and hinted that they may be getting back in the studio! Check out the performance below:

TGT Apologizes To Aresnio Hall

TGT was scheduled to perform on the Aresnio Hall show for a post-Valentines Day performance and interview but unfortunately, as time went on, viewers and the audience realized that TGT was a no show. Aresnio attempted to stall by throwing in impromptu performances and a couple of jokes but eventually he put TGT on blast for standing him up. After the show, TGT publicly apologized to Aresnio saying:

TGT is not on the show tonight and it’s completely on someone in our camp who f**ked it up. It’s expected of A-Hall to publicly speak on it! I’ve been sick to my stomach all day cause it was ME who asked him to let us come back on for the fans! Arsenio Hall bro we feel like s–t. It’s gonna take years to recover from this but I will earn your trust again cause I know you are committed to your viewers we will fix this.