The New Delhi Gang Rape Verdict and Rape Culture

Judge Yogesh Khanna of New Delhi, India sentenced four men to death last week for the kidnapping, gang rape, and murder of a 23-year-old New Delhi woman in what became a case that received international attention for it’s rare cruelty.




The physical therapy student went to see “Life of Pi” with her male friend in December 2012. The pair was walking home when a group of men lured them onto a bus.


Her friend was beaten and made to watch the men assault her. Her attack lasted several hours. She was beaten, bitten, raped, and penetrated with a metal rod. Her insides were so severely damaged that she died two weeks later—after having several organs removed. When they were finished, they dumped the woman and her friend off at the side of a road.


This case absolutely shocked the country, sparking protests across New Delhi. India, like many countries in the world, is in the midst of a “rape crisis.” In India, a woman is raped every 22 minutes, CNN reported.


After Khanna’s verdict, people cheered. Human rights organizations, on the other hand, spoke out against the use of death by hanging as a punishment.


But one thing people seem to agree on is that women are not safe in many parts of the world. And as time progresses, more people are becoming aware of the fact that “rape culture” is not a myth.


Rape culture is the reason why a rape crisis even exists. It encompasses the fallacy of male superiority, entitlement and sexism. Rape culture is responsible for victim blaming and for the notion that a woman becomes dishonored after being assaulted. Rape culture perpetuates ideas like, “she was asking for it.”





This case has shed light on the dangers women face in India and the world at large, but there must be a drastic improvement in our society.


How do you think people can contribute to ending rape culture? What are your thoughts on the punishment the men received? 


(Read more about the case at CNN)



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