Is Obamacare Right For You?

As the partial government shutdown is beginning to affect small businesses, national landmarks, and paychecks, a surge of Americans have shopped for health insurance under the new “Obamacare” heath care reform enacted on the first of this month.




Obamacare—also known as the Patient Protection and the Affordable Care Act—is aiming to revolutionize American health care. Although there are pros and cons of Obamacare, its goal is to expand the amount of Americans that have health insurance.


Obamacare doesn’t provide free health care for all, but it does offer some options.


For those Americans who are insured by their job, have Medicaid, or Medicare, not much changes. Younger people without insurance are allowed to stay under a parent’s insurance plan until they’re 26. However, younger Americans may have to pay more once they graduate from a parent’s plan. Also, under this new reform, insurance companies can no longer refuse to cover a person that has a preexisting condition, like a knee injury for example. Insurance companies also cannot kick a person off of their plan once they’ve gotten extremely sick.


Medicaid and Medicare are both expanding under Obamacare. A person is eligible for Medicare if he or she makes $14,856 or less annually. But it is the state’s choice whether or not they decide to expand their Medicare program, so it’s important to check with to see what options your state has available.


When shopping for health insurance there are different plans beginning with the “bronze plan” and ending with the platinum. The bronze plan is what President Obama was referring to when he said in a speech that the ACA (Affordable Care Act) would offer Americans care for the price of the monthly phone bill. The platinum plan is the most expensive and of course, the best plan.


Still Obamacare offers improvements on things like affordable preventative health care, prescription drug plans, and prenatal care.


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Does Obamacare sound right for you? Have you applied for any of the ACA health plans?