Home Depot Apologizes for Racist Tweet, Proves America isn't Post-Racial

In this week’s racist news, Home Depot tweeted a picture of two black men and a guy in a money getup playing Home Depot bucket drums with the caption “Which drummer is not like the others?”




Twitter users were not amused. Since the outrage, Home Depot has apologized profusely to individual Twitter users (which now they seem to have deleted), and has tweeted an overall apology.



Home Depot also said that they have fired whoever was responsible for the racially insensitive tweet.


Yet are we really surprised at all by this racist tweet? In the past month alone, high profile stories of the college student arrested for shopping while black and the young black woman who was shot in the face after seeking help in a predominantly white neighborhood serves as jarring reminders that racism is alive.


Since President Obama has been in office—and I like to use this as an example because often the weak rebuttal to racism still being an issue in American society is “But the president is black!”—we have witnessed many kinds of racial injustices from Oscar Grant to Trayvon Martin to “Stop and Frisk” policy.


We still have a long way to go to actually call America a “post-racial society.” What are your thoughts?