Who Gets Your Vote For The General Election?

Joseph J. Lhota and Bill De Blasio won the mayoral primary yesterday for the Republican and Democratic party, respectively.


Although it’s unclear whether or not De Blasio will face a runoff, exit polls conclude that a win is promising for the Public Advocate.




De Blasio, who was marketed as the “most progressive” choice, tied the Black vote with Bill Thompson and won the woman and LGBT vote over openly gay Christine Quinn, according to recent reports..


A significant part of De Blasio’s campaigning has covered the atrocities of Stop and Frisk, racial injustice, and social injustice as it relates to the wealthy and the less affluent.


Although dubbed “New York’s Obama” by Reason, De Blasio faced criticism from Mayor Bloomberg for his campaigning being racist. This was confusing to most, as De Blasio is married to Chirlane McCray and they have two children, but Bloomberg argued that he is preying on specific votes with his campaign strategies. (Namely his son Dante’s part in the Stop and Frisk campaign video.)


Despite criticism, De Blasio proved to be the most popular with his plans for the city. He has made it clear that he wants to move the city away from how it was run under Bloomberg. De Blasio has made strides to keep hospitals open, he’s a champion for affordable housing, and he wants to tax the wealthy to fund education for children.


Conversely, Bloomberg has endorsed Republican candidate Joseph J. Lhota.



Lhota, former deputy mayor under Rudy Giuliani, is scrutinized for possibly continuing the heritage of governing that polarized NYC.


Lhota’s priorities, according to his website, include increasing the job market, the promotion of charter schools, reducing crime, and making the government more responsible and transparent.


The general election is set for November 5, 2013. Who will you vote for?