5 Sweet Things To Do This Valentine's Day

So it’s Thursday morning and you still haven’t made a plan for Valentine’s Day. At this point, fancy dinner reservations are pretty much out. But don’t worry because there are other things you can do that will make your boo feel special whether s/he has been in your life for years or even a few weeks. 


I asked some very opinionated people in my life what their dream Valentine’s Day would look like. Of course there were mention of weekend getaways or mini vacations. (Take notes for next year.) But an overwhelming amount of responses were akin to “As long as it’s me and my love, I’m happy,” as Tish, 25 put it.


So here we go. Here are 5 things you can do with your sweetheart:

1.    Have a night in with dinner and a movie

For busy couples, sitting on the couch and indulging in this cozy classic is a welcome change from the hustle of every day city life. You can make dinner yourself or order from a favorite restaurant. Add a nice bottle of wine and enjoy the night!

2.    Spend the night in a hotel

Still at such short notice, this can be pulled off at an affordable price—for tonight! Changing up the scene is always a nice surprise, so bring in Valentine’s Day away from home this year. Scour Groupon and Living Social for some great deals, like this one here in NYC!

3.    Make dinner and cocktails together

Think about your boo’s favorite foods and create a menu. Have a long day at work today? Hit up the supermarket after work and buy all the ingredients. Also, check out this great list of V-day cocktails on marthastewart.com. There are sweet combinations like Grand Marnier with pomegranate and citrusy mixtures like kumquats with champagne. *Cue Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love*

4.    Go back to a place that is significant in your relationship

We all have a one. For me, that’s a small pier near my home. The significance of the place can range from the spot you two first met, where you went on your first date or even the place you got engaged. It could be a restaurant, favorite bar, or an even an arcade. Remember, it’s all about having fun and spending time together.

5.    Write a letter or poem

These days, I think we get caught up in a lame game of who-cares-less in romantic relationships. There’s nothing better than mutual love and respect in a relationship, so go ahead and tell your partner how you feel. The letter doesn’t have to be long winded and the poem doesn’t need to be worthy of a Pulitzer. A simple acknowledgement of what that person means to you is all that’s necessary.


Good luck on your plans and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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