Missing Malaysia Flight 370

After speculation that Flight 370 may never be found, hope that the missing jet could be recovered surged when satellite images picked up debris in the southern Indian Ocean approximately 1,460 miles off the coast of Australia.

A search has been launched this morning with two planes from Australia, one from New Zealand, and one from the U.S. sent to survey the secluded area. Two ships have also been sent to join the search efforts.

There is no certainty that the debris found belongs to Flight 370, but it is the most solid lead that investigators have to follow.

According to CNN,

“Time is critical, given that the batteries powering the pings emanating from the plane's voice and data recorders go dead after about 30 days.”

Still, aviation experts and Malaysian authorities have no definitive theory of what happened aboard Flight 370. Some current theories include the plane depressurizing, a hijacking, and even possible crew involvement. As for the latter, Malaysian authorities are investigating the airline crew and the FBI is investigating the pilot for deleting simulator files from his home computer.

What’s known is that communication was lost about 40 minutes into flight, the plane flew until it ran out of fuel, and “Malaysian military defense radar picked up traces of the plane hundreds of miles west – heading in the wrong direction – from its last signal,” according to USA Today.

Investigators have honed in on the search area. Let’s hope the families of the 239 people on board Flight 370 will be able to get some closure soon.

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