How Has Social Media Affected Your Relationships?

As much as we check our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts before even using the bathroom, the damaging affect social media has on our personal lives should come as no surprise.

According to Social Media and Personal Relationships by Deborah Chambers:

“Social network sites are said to be increasing the number of friends that people have and strengthening ties between families, especially those separated by migration. Yet, at the same time, new media technologies are being blamed for a decrease in close, ‘genuine’ bonds.”

We all know that social networks have sort of ruined the art and mystery of dating and romance, but it can have severe ramifications on already advanced relationships.

A study at the University of Oxford concluded that the more time a couple spends on social media, and the more modes of social media that couple has (i.e- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat) the more likely it is for that couple to report marital unhappiness.

How is it that the relationships we all value, or at least most of us value, can be destroyed by the online world on such a large scale?

This may be a no-brainer, but social networks have made it extremely easy for people to flirt and cheat emotionally. A relationship fostered online can easily develop into a physical relationship. Social networking sites also make it easy for ex flames to reach out—many take the bate, especially if the relationship is on the rocks.

Folks like Stacy Kaiser from USA Today have suggested that transparency is key. If you want to keep your relationship and your social network, she says, then friend your partner and even be willing to share usernames and passwords—especially if trust has been breeched sometime in the past.

Has social media ever impacted your relationship negatively? Were you ever able to repair the damage with your partner? What do you think about sharing passwords? Necessary or invasion of privacy?

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