Social Media Activism and What You Can do to Help

Boko Haram, which literally translates to “Western education is evil,” is an extremist group that has been terrorizing Nigeria with bombings even prior to this mass kidnapping.

Abubakar Shekau, who claims to be the group’s leader, has released a video saying that he is responsible. He also confirmed what many feared, that these young women would be sold as sex slaves and child brides.

Democracy Now provided a translation:

“Just because I took some little girls in Western education, everybody is making noise. Let me tell you, I took the girls. Girls go and get married. We’re against Western education. And I say, "Stop Western education." I repeat, I took the girls, and I will sell them off. There’s a market for selling girls.”

On Tuesday, President Obama said:

“We’ve already sent in a team to Nigeria — they’ve accepted our help through a combination of military, law enforcement, and other agencies who are going in, trying to identify where in fact these girls might be and provide them help.”

According to the official #BringBackOurGirls Facebook page, here’s what we can do to help:

1. Write and call your world leaders. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Prime Ministers etc. Demand that they offer their help to rescue the girls. Petitions are good but your individual letter and call is better.

2. Tell all of your friends about this atrocity and ask them to join in writing and calling. Invite them to join you here on FB and march on social media by changing their profile pic to raise awareness with their friends and families.

3. Plan a rally/march in your city for within the next 7 days. PRIVATE MESSAGE us with date, time and location and we will help you organize and promote. You can post on wall but to be sure that we schedule the event - PM us.


Do you find the social media activism for #BringBackOurGirls productive? Do you think other nations are doing enough in the movement to bring our girls back safely? Sound off in the comments section below.

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