What's your take? Should the Federal Minimum Wage Laws be Raised?

Scrub floors; take orders from rude customers; check groceries; fold clothes—these are a few tasks carried out by people who earn minimum wage.




Back in February 2013, President Obama called for an increase of the Federal Minimum Wage Law from $7.25 to $9 an hour. Nine months later in November, President Obama backed a Democrat proposal for raising minimum wage to $10.10 because of inflation. 


According to the United States Department of Labor, effective Dec. 31 2013, New York’s minimum wage is now $8 an hour.


But is $8 enough?


Opponents of raising the minimum wage argue that raising minimum wage laws pose a threat to employment, to name one reason behind their rationale.


Those in favor of raising minimum wage, like Mayor Bill de Blasio for example, state that there is a massive income inequality in the U.S. that needs to be addressed.


Eight dollars an hour cannot support a family in New York, it can’t pay college tuition, and it sure can’t stretch enough to eat healthy these days when the price of food is seemingly rising by the week.


What's your take? Should the Federal Minimum Wage Laws be raised or keep as is? Sound off in the comments section below!