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Cayuga Centers

Did you know that are over 12,000 youth in foster care in New York City?  Cayuga Centers, in partnership with phenomenal foster parents across New York City, is working to help these young people grow as independent, healthy and productive citizens. 

A Team Approach to Rebuilding Families


Cayuga Centers has the capacity to offer 214 children and youth foster care placement through its Treatment Family Foster Care and Family Foster Care programs. These programs offer foster homes to children and youth ages 0-21 in New York City. Cayuga Centers offers these programs to provide the most supportive options to foster parents and the youth they serve. 


Our Foster Care programs offer a team approach to rebuilding family relationships. This includes birth families, foster families, youth, and Cayuga Centers staff. A trauma-informed approach allows for sensitivity to triggers and provides insight to help the foster family manage the child’s needs.  


Support: What Makes Cayuga Centers Different


Foster parents receive intensive training and are uniquely involved in the treatment of the youth. They attend a monthly support group, and have 24-hour access to a member of the treatment team. They are an integral part of a child’s success.


Cayuga Centers Foster Care:


·                     Individualized therapy to meet a youth’s needs (TFFC Only);

·                     Highly trained foster parents licensed by New York State;

·                      Siblings placed together;

·                     Continued education services provided by the foster home’s school district;

·                     Foster Homes located throughout New York City;

·                     Strong team support for youth, foster family and birth family;

·                      Both FFC and TFFC work diligently to reunify families or work with youth

                       and families to identify a permanent resource


·                     Foster families receive monthly compensation.


To learn more about becoming a Cayuga Centers foster parent, please contact:

NYC Homefinding Department

646-760-9100, ext 1861


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