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Congratulations to the 8th Annual Stars of New York Dance Champions! [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Stars of NY Dance/Instagram
Our Very Own Patricia Robinson, Director of Operations Emmis Communications: Hot 97, 107.5 WBLS and 1190 WLIB & Kevin Hunte, School of Blyss
Patricia Robinson + Kevin Hunte are the 8th Annual Stars of New York Dance Champions, Honoring Malik Yoba! Their Michael Jackson-inspired routine won them the top nod from  the judges and $5,000 to provide five or more children in New York City with a year of free dance education and training to reach their full potential.  
They scored a perfect 10 from the judges, along with 2nd Place Winners  Jeffrey V. Noble + Chanel DaSilva of MOVE(NYC), but Patricia + Kevin won  the tie-breaker dance off. Congratulations to 3rd Place Winners Carla Hall +  Jude M. Perry-Evans, of Balance Dance Theatre, who were just one point away  from giving us a three-way tie.
Congrats to all of the dance couples for their outstanding performances, dedication and hard work on behalf of the children we serve. The other participating dance companies will receive $1,000 each toward dance scholarships.
Malik said that he was "literally moved to tears by all the creativity and thoughtfulness." Check out the captions he wrote for the photos that included, from his tribute. Malik immediately took to Instagram to share all about Friday night!
Photo Credit: Instagram 
"...I was blessed to be honored for a lifetime of community service at the 
@starsofnydance competition. I have to say out of all the awards I've gotten in life, 
this is the most special...I was literally moved to tears by the creativity, thoughtfulness 
and sophistication of the expression..." 
Photo Credit: Instagram 
"Many very special moments...but one of the most special was when they 
choreographed a dance number to the theme of #NYUndercover and then this dude...showed up and surprised me." Michael DeLorenzo a.k.a. 
Detective Eddie Torres  #reunion

Photo Credit: Instagram 

"And then they asked me to be a judge for the dance competition. The picture 

says it all. Too much fun." #hilarious #comedian #honor #service
Photo Credit: Instagram 
"...Even better to share with my babies who are getting more grown 'er'day'..." 
Photo Credit: Instagram 
"Such an honor to celebrate an incredible evening with 'la familia!' Thanks again 
for the award and most important, for the lives you touch by making dance classes accessible to young people of our city! Amazing initiative...anyone interested in 
participating next year, follow them @starsofnydance and get busy!"
We salute Malik Yoba, our awesome Stellar Humanitarian Honoree who danced, judged and dropped wonderful words of wisdom into our hearts and souls. Special thanks to our surprise special guest Michael DeLorenzo, Host Errol Louis, Public Advocate Letitia James and Police Commissioner James O'Neill for their impromptu dance, and our phenomenal judges, performers, sponsors and event guests who made the evening and dance scholarships possible. 
#8thAnnualStars  #CollectiveImpact  #ForTheChildren
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