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Circle of Sisters Featured Vendors

Vendor Road to Circle of Sisters

Check out what these small businesses have to say about their products and why they chose to become a part of the largest lifestyle expo in #NYC, Circle of Sisters Expo 2017!

Healthfirst, a featured vendor at Circle of Sisters

Healthfirst was founded in 1993 as a not-for-profit corporation sponsored by New York’s leading hospitals. The plan works to meet its members’ diverse needs for quality and affordable care by aligning its goals and incentives with its partners who deliver care. More information go to healthfirst.org.

Leo Wright

Fitness Instructor Leo Wright 

Leo Wright is the CEO of Fitness The Wright Way and creator of the Kick-Hopping Workout which is one third kickboxing, one third interval training and one third dancing.  He created Kick-Hopping to be effective by keeping your body on edge and forcing you to push yourself to new physical and mental levels.

Visit him at the Healthfirst Booth!