How Did The Art Of The DJ Begin? – Salute the DJ!

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Salute the DJ!

It all started with two turntables and a microphone. Without the DJ there wouldn’t be the culture we know today as hip hop.

January 20 is considered National DJ Day in the United States, and WBLS wanted to celebrate with a group of legends mixed with the current generation of DJ’s together to share their stories and beginnings of hip hop.

Episode one pays homage to the beginnings of the genre. Is DJ Kool Herc’s “Back to School Jam” August 11, 1973 at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx the true beginning of hip hop?

DJ Enuff, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Clark Kent, DJ Chuck Chillout & DJ Wallah sit down to discuss how the art of DJing was before computers, before Serato, and before controllers existed.

They discuss $1 entries to the club, the popular clubs at the time, how many times they would play a song during one party, how territorial the DJ scene was back during the days the boroughs pushed for respect of New York City.

We’re going back to a time … before blending existed, when there was dancing at the club,

When did Hip Hop really begin? Was it James Brown, George Clinton, Jimmy Castor that helped bring the foundation? What about Pigmet Markum with his track “Here Comes The Judge”. What about the Jubalaires with their first raps in 1946? Or was it Bill Kurtis with his track “King Tim III (Personality Jock)” in 1979. Or is it still “Rappers Delight” which followed Kurtis’ track a couple months later.

Let us know!

Episode 2 airs Thursday at 2PM.