black history month

Black History is comprised of African American creativity, passion, ingenuity, and constant progression, in the face of adversity.

Full of obstacles and hurdles, the black plight is not defined by the hand that it has been dealt, but by the ability to overcome.  

This Black History Month, WBLS is spotlighting historical figures who have transcend the medical, technological, and automotive fields. We are also highlighting artists and songs, that not only entertained us, they were the voice of our issues and inspired us to act. This is WBLS I AM Black History Month and The Soundtrack to Social Change.


WBLS I AM Black History Month and The Soundtrack to Social Change

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  • Soundtrack to Social Change Ep 1 - I AM BLACK HISTORY MONTH
  • Soundtrack To Social Change: The 80's
  • Soundtrack to Social Change | Episode 3 | The 90's
  • Soundtrack to Social Change | Episode 4 | The 2000's
As we celebrate Black History Month, we're taking a look at our favorite artists and their music that has not only entertained us, but moved, inspired, and healed us. Journey with WBLS, as we take a look back at the 60's and 70's and the music's impact on social change.

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