WBLS Celebrates Black Music Month!

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Balck MusicMonth

Music of the Movement: NY’s Contribution to Black Music

As WBLS celebrates Black Music Month, we’re recognizing some of the most impactful artists, past and present. NY Icons and legends, who’ve provided the soundtrack to a revolution, that we’re still fighting today. 

The black culture has always used music, sound, and diction to communicate, connect, and bond during times of conflict. Black music is not just an outlet, it’s the common denominator, of a people.

black notes
Michael Jackson

Today We Remember Michael Jackson!

Music of the Movement: Michael Jackson As WBLS Celebrates Black Music Month, today we honor the King of Pop, Michael Jackson! 11 years ago today, the iconic, “Gloved One”, left us after his untimely death, in 2009.

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