$1200 Stimulus Checks Will Start Being Sent Next Week!

The IRS will reportedly begin to issue $1200 stimulus checks on April 9th, yet, some Americans won’t receive theirs until August or September.

According to reports,  $30 million in paper checks for millions of Americans won’t start being sent out until April 24, as the government lacks their banking information. Reportedly, “The plan set priority for paper check distribution to those with the lowest-income — individual taxpayers making $10,000 or less on April 24. Paper checks will be mailed out to Americans by $10,000 increments per week starting on that date, according to the internal document.”

If you do not have direct deposit, you may not see your check until August. “If we if have your [bank] information you’ll get it within two weeks,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said. “Social Security, you’ll get it very quickly after that. If we don’t have your information you’ll have a simple web portal, we’ll upload it. If we don’t have that, we’ll send you checks in the mail.”

We previously reported, Donald Trump signed a historic $2 trillion Coronavirus relief bill that was made to financially aid citizens during the pandemic that is actively keeping people from working.

This bill is believed to be the largest spending package in U.S. history which consists of one-time payments to individuals, health-care funding, as well as loans and grants to businesses to stop layoffs.