14 Y.O. Who Killed DC Uber Eats Driver Sentenced To Seven Years In Juvenile Detention 

In March, two teenage girls tried to carjack a DC Uber Eats driver and ended up killing him. 

The two teens asked the driver for a ride, but they had planned on carjacking him, and things went out of control. Everything was caught on camera. In the video, Mohammad Anwar, 66, stood on the side of his car and tried to get one of the teens out of the driver seat. You can see the other teen in the passenger seat. 

At one point, he screams, “they’re thieves,” “that’s my car!” Moments later, the driver’s door opened, but Anwar was hanging off the car as it sped off. The car sideswiped a metal barrier and light pole, which caused the driver’s door to slam into Anwar’s body, which killed him. The two teens tried to flee the scene but were detained by two National Guardsmen who were in the area. 

The footage is graphic. Take a look, or check out a still image:

N.Y. Post reports that one teen (the 14-year-old, 13-years at the time) pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and the other teen, 15, pleaded guilty to felony murder. Both girls have been sentenced to stay at a juvenile detention center until they turn 21. 

The article also reports the other charges against the two teens were dropped as part of their plea deals with prosecutors.

Anwar immigrated to the U.S. from Pakistan in 2014. He was a hardworking man who wanted to make a better life for his family, NYDN reports.