5 Super Bowl Commercials That Made You Love the Product [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

According to the LA Times, advertisers paid the highest price ever – a whopping $5.25 million — for a Super Bowl LIII commercial spot for commercials ever – and for many, it was worth the cost.

Rumors about what commercials to look forward during this year’s Super Bowl had people talking for weeks, and now that the public has viewed last night’s 30-second, 60-second, and 2-minute featurettes they’re talking even more. From Bud Light to Bumble, companies nailed their multimillion-dollar advertising investments. But not everyone delivered.

In case you missed the Super Bowl LIII commercials, here are five brands that made sure you wouldn’t just remember them, but convince you to buy the product.


Bumble: Serena Williams Journey

Serena didn’t become the tennis queen by having things handed to her.  She made the initiatives, took things in her own hands, and paved her path to success. Her new ad campaign with Bumble – the dating app that puts women in control – urges women to make the first move like Serena and watch good things come, especially in relationships.  


Pepsi: More Than Okay

Steve Carell starred Pepsi’s recent Super Bowl ad and it featured Cardi B. and Lil Jon’s signature adlibs to push the product, “OOOKKKAAAYYY!”  Cardi and Jon’s appears were high-anticipated, but it was Steve Carell’s impersonations of the stars’ soundbites that stole spotlight and proved that Pepsi is more than just “okay!”


The Twilight Zone- Jordan Peele

After proving what he can do on and off camera, Get Out creator Jordan Peele back to put his own spin on the TV classic, The Twilight Zone. The commercial made it seem as if the big game returned from commercial, but lost signal. In reality, it was just the trailer for the horror series. His role adds plenty of excitement for the show’s Apr. 1 CBS premiere.


Bud Light x Games of Thrones: #ForTheThrone

Bud Light has never let down Super Bowl fans with their annual over-the-top commercial, and this year’s production was no different. The Game of Thrones-collaborated commercial has already reached more than 2 million views on YouTube, and the number’s surely to grow. On behalf of Bud Light, let the countdown to season 8 begin. (It’s coming back Apr. 14.)


NFL: 100 Years

For the past few years, the NFL’s product commercial hasn’t disappointed Super Bowl viewers, and last night’s commercial gave the NFL a 3-peat win on brand advertising. This year, the athletic league portrayed a visual celebration of the football greats – past and present. Watching stars like Odell Beckham, Jr., Richard Sherman, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning amongst many others was fanatic highlight without question.


Additional words by Fabrizio Salerno