50 Cent Calls For Oprah Winfrey And Tyler Perry To Apologize Monique

50 Cent believes that Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry owe Monique an apology as he announces his plans to work with her. 

In an Instagram post, the Power creator wrote in the caption, “I’m sure Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry would not want to continue to allow their influence to damage @therealmoworldwide career and this has gone on for way too long.” 

He continued, “So now would be a great time to apologize because I’m gonna put her back on. GLG, GreenLightGang, I don’t miss!” 


50 made this announcement after seeing her stand-up comedy show during Super Bowl weekend. He would then go on to post a series of videos and pictures of the comedian urging that he will bring her back. 




Since calling Perry and Winfrey out to apologize to Monique, 50 posted that he had spoken to the Madea creator and said, “I talk to Tyler today, he told me he never told anyone not to hire @therealmoworldwide and he is happy I decided to work with her. He said he couldn’t speak for Oprah, but he is sure she is fine with Monique and has even brought her up for things Monique has no idea about. I’m so happy for Mo right now! GLG GreenLightGang. She’s back.”