8 Viral Videos that Made You Want to Scream, Dance, and Smile! [VIDEO]

PhotoCred via Shutterstock

2018 has been a really interesting year to say the least. From funny memes to serious news, and everything in between. Instead of going all the way, we’ve decided to take a look at the top 8 viral videos of 2018. Take a look below.

1. A high school student on wrestling team in New Jersey was given an ultimatum to cut off his dreads or to forfeit his match by a referee who is known to be racist.

2. Chikeshia Clemons was arrested at Waffle House after asking for utensils to go along with her food. Clemons decided to explain herself after the worker tried to charge her $0.50 for her utensils. The cops were called and Clemons was manhandled by the police and later charged.

The next three videos capture the injustices of black people in America. The footage displays innocent adults and children, being wrongly harassed and accused of crimes that they didn’t commit, resulting in the cops being called.

3. Theresa Klein known as #CornerstoreCaroline, a white woman called the cops on a 9 year-old-boy who she accused of her groping her behind. Surveillance footage later showed that she was wrong and she ultimately apologized.

4. Alison Ettel known as #PermitPatty was seen calling the cops on a little girl selling waters outside of her home.

5. Jennifer Schulte known as #BBQBecky was approached by another Caucasian woman for calling the cops on a black family for having a barbecue in a designated spot in the park.

6. Childish Gambino released the video for ‘This is America’ with some hidden facts in it.

7. “This is America” full video by Childish Gambino.

8. The release of the new ‘Lion King’ trailer has everyone happy and waiting for 2019 to get here.