8-Year-Old Girl Becomes Barber, Gives Young Kids Free Haircuts

Photo Credit: Screenshot – CBS News

An eight-year-old girl name Neijae Grahma-Henries is giving back to the community the best way she knows how.

She became a barber right before entering the second grade. Neijae visited the Junior Barber Academy with her older brother, who was contemplating learning how to cut hair. He then decided that he wasn’t interested, however, Neijae decided to go for it instead.

Her mother Jamie Graham tells CBS:

“She said, ‘Mom, he doesn’t want to do it, I’ll give it a go.”

Neijae enrolled in the school when she was seven-years-old, becoming the youngest trainee. Her mother says, “She wasn’t intimated because she was the youngest student and she was not intimated because she was the only female.”

8-year-old barber
Photo Credit: Screenshot – CBS News

She completed the training program before starting the second grade. The young barber said it was a little challenging at first, but she learned the whole hair styling from start to finish.

Right now, Neijae has been giving free haircuts to kids in her neighborhood. It’s a community service project utilizes her unique.

“It was really exciting for me to see her go after something that she really wanted to do. I’m hoping she can take that same attitude and that same focus and energy throughout her life.”