A Black Woman Who Miscarried Charged With A Felony

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This is truly outrageous. A Black Woman from Warren, Ohio has been charged with a felony after she miscarried. 

Brittany Watts, 33, is currently facing charges of allegedly attempting to discard the remains of her baby. On September 22, Watts experienced a traumatic event as she went to use the bathroom and felt her baby pass through while she was 22 weeks pregnant. 

While in court, a Warren Police Officer said that Watts heard a “big splash” and when the police arrived at her house, they saw the remains of her baby stuck in the toilet. 

Prosecutors argued that Watts tried to flush the fetus down the toilet and left it floating in the bowl while she went about her day. On the other hand, Watts’ attorney argues that their client is being punished for something that unfortunately happens to women. 

Reports say that Black women have a higher chance of a miscarriage than white women. According to court documents, this case was initially closed on November 2nd but later reopened when Warren Municipal Court Judge Terry Inavchak allowed the case to move forward after finding probable cause. 

The judge called for experts to confirm that the baby had became viable at the time of the miscarriage. However, Dr. George Sterbenz, a Forensic pathologist testified that there were no injuries to the fetus and that it passed away before going through the birth canal. 

“This fetus was going to be non-viable. It was going to be non-viable because she had premature ruptured membranes — her water had broken early — and the fetus was too young to be delivered,” Dr. Sterbenz said.

Brittany Watts has been charged with abuse-of-corpse and is out on $5,000 bond. She has pled not guilty, however if she is convicted, Watts can face up to two years in prison. 

This case after Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.