A Federal Judge Overturned The National Eviction Ban

A federal judge has overturned the national eviction ban. 

As reported on CNBC, the decision was made two months earlier than expected. The CDC and prevention banned most evictions across the country since September last year. The protection was slated to expire in January, but President Joe Biden extended it until June.

A Department of Justice spokesman said they plan on appealing the ruling. The article also notes they’re also seeking “a stay of the decision, meaning the ban would remain in effect throughout the court battle.”

It also says, at least two other federal judges have questioned the CDC’s power to ban evictions. Landlords aren’t in favor of the policy because they can’t afford to house people for free. Mom and Pop landlords were hit the hardest. New York Times reports on May 5, “Judge Friedrich agreed to put her ruling on hold until May 12 to give landlords time to file legal papers opposing a longer delay, while making clear that the move was not a reflection of the “merits” of the government’s request.”

Since the pandemic disrupted the lives of many Americans, millions were left without a way to pay their rent last year. The article reports some states are scrambling to discourse more than $45 billion in rental assistance allocated by Congress.  

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