A Lawyer Representing 11 Alleged T.I. & Tiny Victims Claim One Accuser Is A Man

A bunch of women alleged sexual misconduct from T.I. and or Tiny “Tameka” Harris.

In the latest report, one of the victims is allegedly a man. As reported on The Jasmine Brand, approximately 30 victims came forward and alleged abuse from the couple. Tyrone Blackburn is representing eleven of them.

Blackburn spoke at a press conference and gave an update. According to him, he’s representing ten women and one man. 

Earlier this week, LAPD said they’re investigating an alleged sexual assault that occurred back in 2005. LAPD met with one of the accusers (identified as a Jane Doe), in April. The victim told authorities she “fell ill after consuming Tiny’s tequila. Jane Doe says she was naked in the bed with the couple and told T.I. “no” after an alleged sexual act. 

The couple vehemently denied the claims. Their lawyer, Steve Sadow, called the accusations a “shakedown.” Blackburn claims Sadow reached out to him, attempting to make a deal. Blackburn said his clients want justice, and he wants state and federal prosecutors to start a criminal investigation against the hip-hop couple. Sadow addressed Blackburn, saying he tried to make a deal. He said that’s false. 

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