A New Mental Health Hotline To Launch Next Month

This is a helpful start! A new mental health hotline is set to launch next month. 

On July 16th, the 988 dialing code will be the number that callers can use when they are seeking mental health across the United States. 

Although this is a good thing that is happening, there have been many concerns over how 988 will be funded within the states that haven’t put money towards it. 

It has been reported that four states; Nevada, Washington, Virginia, and Colorado, are the only ones to put “comprehensive funding plans” in place for 988. 

More details of the lack of funding were revealed in a recent Axios report from the RAND Corporation and the recent increase of concern. Jennifer Piver, the executive director of South Carolina’s Mental Health America of Greenville County organization, said “We do not have the funding for staff, for salaries.”

Thoughts on this?