A New Musical About Muhammad Ali Is Set To Go To Broadway

The life and career of boxing legend Muhammad Ali will debut on Broadway!

Ali the upcoming musical was written and will be directed by Clint Dyer and will be composed by Teddy Abrams. With the support of Ali’s widow, Lonnie, the musical will be produced by Richard Willis, Brook T. Smith, and The Tribeca Workshop. 

“Muhammad has been a muse and continues to be a source of inspiration to so many artists around the world,” Lonnie said in a statement. She continued, “I’m so proud to support this project and am thrilled to see his story brought to life on the Broadway stage.” 

The project is slated to focus on every aspect of his life, including his life as a philanthropist, human rights activist, and entertainer, as well as his success inside of the boxing ring. Richard Willis said, “Obviously this is an important piece for all time, but especially now. It’s an important piece for any time; it’s an important piece for any time; it’s important that the younger generations know about Muhammad Ali and what he stands for and his examples. He’s always going to be an important example.” 

The production of the musical is currently developing with no word who will be playing the role of the charismatic icon. Who do you think should play this role?