A Songwriter is Going After Missy Elliot + Timberland for an Aaliyah Song He Allegedly Co-Produced

Photo credit – John Shearer/WireImage for MTV.com

Give credit when credit is due!

A music producer named Terry Williams says he helped Missy write a song for the late legendary Aaliyah but never got compensated for it. Reported on TMZ, the man is claiming that Missy sold the song back in 1996 without his permission.

Since Timberland produced the track, his name is also mentioned in the law suit. Terry is suing Aaliyah’s estate, Missy, and Timberland for share of the profits from the song, “Heartbroken.” The track was featured on Aaliyah’s One In A Million album.

Hopefully everything works out!

Here is a nice throwback Thursday for you, check out “Heartbroken” by Aaliyah: