A Tiger At Bronx Zoo Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Other Animals Also Showing Symptoms 

Since the outbreak of the novel virus, COVID-19, many have wondered if animals can catch and or spread it. The CDC reports that the spread of the coronavirus from animal to a human is rare, but they don’t have much evidence as of right now to expand on the theory.

Several news sources report that a tiger, a 4-year old Malayan tiger named Nadia, at The Bronx, NY Zoo tested positive for the virus. Nadia appeared visibly sick by March 27 and developed a dry cough and a decreased appetite. Although there have been reports of other animals getting infected, this is the first time a tiger is being reported. Reported on NY Times, its believed to be a “human to cat” situation from a zoo employee. The report also says the tiger infected other tigers and lions, and they’re showing symptoms of illness but are expected to recover. There are no reports of any other animal at The Bronx Zoo getting the virus. 

CNN reports, that a zookeeper said it’s not clear yet how coronavirus will develop in big cats since different species can react differently to novel infections.

Even though the majority of public spaces like parks and beaches have been temporarily closed, the animals in the zoo still need to be cared for. They will continue to monitor them closely. 

Our Street Soldiers host and Fox 5 news reporter Lisa Evers noted that it’s easier for a tiger to get a test for the coronavirus but its harder for essential workers, the military, and Bronx residents to obtain a test. NYC Health Department says that the death rate from COVID-19 n Bronx was twice as high as the rest of the city. What are your thoughts?