Actor Jason Momoa Apart Of A Head On Collision In California

Jason Momoa was involved in a head-on collision with a motorcyclist over the weekend in California. 

Police report that the “Aquaman” star was riding on Old Topanga Canyon Road when the motorcyclist, who was riding in the opposite direction, crossed into Momoa’s lane during the bend, hitting the front part of the actor’s vehicle. 

The motorcycle rider flew into the air but was able to land on his feet after bouncing off of the windshield. Neither Momoa nor the motorcyclist was seriously injured during the accident. However, the person on the motorcycle did go to the hospital with some minor injuries to their leg and thumb.

A video surfaced showing the aftermath of the accident that was taken from another person’s phone. It shows Momoa being treated by the paramedics as he was walking back to his vehicle. 

No other actions were taken after the accident. We’re happy to know that both parties involved are okay after the accident. 

Jason Momoa has not spoken out about the accident.