Actor Kaalan Walker Found Guilty Of Rape + Could Face 100 Years In Prison

Actor Kaalan Walker was found guilty of rape and sexual assault of 7 women while in court on Monday.

According to reports, Walker was acquitted of three additional charges associated with three of his victims. 

While being taken out of the courtroom in handcuff, Walker screamed out “I didn’t rape anybody, your honor. I did not rape anybody.” 

Walker’s lawyer, Andrew Flier,  is in the process of filing an appeal. “Mr. Walker maintains his complete innocence to the charges and allegations,” Flier wrote. “The defense is very confident that the convictions will be reversed.” 

Kaalan Walker is set to be sentenced on May 27 and could face a maximum of 100 years to life in prison. 

During the trial, a total of 30 women came forward claiming that they were all assaulted by the Superfly actor. 

One of his victims, model Jada Everon testified against Walker stating that he reached out to her in 2014 via Instagram when she was 16-years-old. 

“Honestly, I was shocked when I heard the guilty verdict. There are so many rapists who get to walk free, and I was really afraid he would be one of them. But finally, there’s justice, finally, we’re heard,” Everon said. 

She continued, “This was seven years ago for me. Seven years of seeing him on social media, seeing his fame rise, seeing him hurt more women. I just kind of gave up hope, so finally seeing this happening, it’s tears of joy.”