Actress Bresha Webb Ties The Knot

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Congratulations are in order for actress Bresha Webb. 

Webb officially married Nick Jones Jr. on February 4th in an “old Hollywood glam” themed wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

In an interview for People, the 38 year old newlywed said, “It feels like an answered prayer. Having a successful career, I started to doubt that my dream of marriage and family was ever going to come true.”

She continued, “Now that I have a husband and now a daughter, I trust God’s timing in everything. Because our love couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.” 

Webb would post a series of videos and photos on her Instagram leading up to her big day and revealed that Deborah Cox also sang at the wedding. 

The couple decided to share their personal vows with just each other and shared their traditional vows during the ceremony. 

“The choice to say our vows in private and not see each other until the ceremony added an extra layer of anticipation and excitement to the ceremony,” Bresha said. 

Congratulations again to Bresha Webb and her husband.