Actress Carrie Bernans Critically Injured In A Hit-And- Run

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Actress Carrie Bernans was reportedly critically injured in a hit-and-run in New York City on Monday, (New Year’s Day).

She was one of eight people injured after a car crashed into a dining area of the Manhattan restaurant Chrip. After the crash took place, the driver of the car reportedly reversed out of the restaurant and crashed into another car before the police stepped in.

Bernans’ mother, Patricia Lee, gave an update on her condition on Instagram and shared some graphic photos of her daughter. “She’s still in so much pain and can’t answer calls at this time, but appreciate the messages. This was a traumatic incident,” Lee said. “Please keep Carrie in your thoughts and prayers. She’s in so much pain but healing… It ended up knocking her unconscious and pinned her under the stand. She was under it unaware of what was happening.”

The “Black Panther” actress suffered a few broken bones, chipped teeth, and fractures, her mother revealed in the post. “Amidst the chaos of the New Year’s incident, she’s holding onto an immense sense of gratitude for life itself.”

She concluded with, “This setback hasn’t deterred her belief that something remarkable is still being crafted by God. Despite the injuries sustained in the collision caused by a hit-and-run in NYC, she’s filled with hope and faith in the unfolding of a beautiful new chapter. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she navigates this path toward recovery and new beginnings.”

The driver of the car is currently in police custody. We will keep Carrie Bernans in our thoughts and prayers.