Actress Tasha Smith Explains How She Found God [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

TV One featured Empire actress Tasha Smith on its latest episode of Uncensored, and the New Jersey native got real about her drug use and the reasons she didn’t believe in God.

As Smith broke down the elements of her life, she told the camera, “Between the abuse, between the addiction I saw my family members go through – I just felt like, ‘You know what, this whole God stuff ain’t real.’ And I just decided for myself that I didn’t believe in God. I just didn’t believe that God existed at all.”

The actress went deeper to say, “I felt like, if God was around, why did I get abused, why did I get molested, why did I get beat, why did I go through this, why is my mom on drugs…like I had all these questions that I’m sure a lot of young people go through when they’re trying to find themselves and trying to find their spiritually.”

Smith says she struggled to find her spirituality and just wanted to hang out and smoke weed with her friends. But with a sick grandfather and a grandmother left to care for him on her own, Tasha had a conversation with God, asking him to show and prove.

“I remember saying, ‘If you God, if you really God, then let me know when he about to pass so I can at least go help my grandmother.’ I remember saying it just being funny.”

She continued, So I’m getting high with a friend and I swear I heard [Him]. It was like I felt like, ‘Oh my God, he’s about to die, I gotta go home.’ So I left just so I could see if he was really passing. I closed the door, I sat down, and then all of a sudden my grandmother started screaming…and he was like, ‘He’s gone,’ but it was literally when I walked in the house.”

“That’s what made me thinking that maybe I should be a little bit open to God,” Smith said.

Won’t he do it?!