Actress Uzo Aduba Opens Up About The Loss Of Her Mother To Pancreatic Cancer

Actress Uzo Aduba breaks her silence on the loss of her mother and speaks on how she learned how to balance her joy and grief. 

In an interview with Essence, Aduba revealed that she isn’t a stranger to witnessing and losing loved ones to the disease. However, things would hit closer to home for her when her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away from it in November 2020.

“My seat has changed. I was sitting before in the back seat and now I actually have a front-row seat,” Aduba said. “I really didn’t know the real size of it until I was living with someone who had cancer.” 

Aduba currently works with the organizations Stand Up to Cancer and Count Me In in an effort to “encourage cancer patients to participate in sharing their experiences and health information in an effort to accelerate the pace of cancer research and bring about new discoveries.” 

She stated, “There is a real, real fortune in sharing your story with the illness, but also sharing your information. You don’t even know, that might be the brick that will build this house towards a cure.”